Don’t want it? Don’t claim the benefits

Posted: June 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

This guys’

Image result for princes diana lovers

son says he doesn’t want the job.

And says his older half? brother doesn’t want the job either. Indeed non of the ‘family’ want the job.

To much of a commitment? To much responsibility? To much dressing up in the uniforms and medals of Ruritainia?

Opening the state parliament, watching a parade on your ‘official’ birthday and laughing waving at poor people from your palace balcony.

Image result for prince harry waving palace

It’s all tooo much.

Living a lifestyle that the rest of us could only dream of; the best of everything, free houses, free cars, free travel, free clothes, free food and drink, waited on hand and foot, never having to even open a door for yourself, never having to worry about paying the mortgage or ‘leccy bill. Mixing with the great and the good, eating in the finest restaurants, or getting the finest celebrity chefs to cook your food when you want to throw an extravagant party for friends and flunkies.

No he

Image result for prince harry

wants to be left alone.


Rather than have the rest of us pay for your lifestyle,

your home

Image result for prince harry homes

your cars

Image result for prince harry cars

 Don’t want to live the rest of your life claiming benefits from the taxpayer?

Then walk away mate, find a job, marry a nice girl, get a mortgage, raise a family, pay the bills.

Besides he isn’t ever going to get offered the job, to far towards the back of the queue; prince Brian, prince Gormless and his offspring are before him and, queen Brenda shows no sign of giving up the teat of entitlement just yet.




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