Posted: June 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

This coming Thursday millions of people will cast their vote to install yet more Thieves, Liars and possible future Murderers to the cesspit that is Parliament.


Do you believe that some Dick like this;

Image result for david crausby

(sir?) david crausby

is anymore intelligent than you? Does he appear anymore informed than you? Does he look like the kind of bloke that gets things done? Does he look anymore educated than you? Does he look like a yes man of the Labour party, following the whip, no matter who’s the leader; whether the Corporatist, son of satan Blair or the marxist Corbyn?

Well does he?

Does he look like the kind of trougher you expect to see in the commons, milking the system to the maximum? Does he own two taxpayer paid for homes, one which he rents out, for profit? And does he rent another home for himself, at taxpayers expense? Does he look like the kind of man that will claim every last penny of the allowances he believes he is entitled to?

Does this look like a man going nowhere as a shop steward, who jumped on the union bandwagon, – the real owners of the Labour party – sold his soul for thirty pieces and promised to do the party’s bidding.

Does he look like the man who has overseen the destruction of the constituency he pretends to represent: From a once clean, tidy, thriving town, full of independent shops, busy pubs, industry and a work ethic; to the run down, filthy, ghettoised, drug ridden, no-go areas, benefit claiming, workshy  shit-hole it has become. On his watch the pubs have emptied and shut down, the only independent shops are asian run clothing stores, asian run corner off-licences; where the few remaining older white folks are loathed to shop, pound shops selling shite and of course bookies, where the workshy benefit claimants can lose what little money they have.


You may consider St Jeremy to be the best man for the job of Prime Minister (personally I think the bloke is an illiterate waste of oxygen) BUT….But remember you can’t choose St Jeremy if you live in Bolton North East, you can only vote for the thief above…crausby, a man who hates smokers, a man who wants more EU when the constituents don’t, a man who voted for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents resulting in the islamic backlash we must now suffer, a man who has filled his boots at the trough of state, at your expense, a man who has watched the town he ‘represents’ fall to the evil of multi-culturalism, a man who’s personal wealth has rocketed while yours has stagnated.

Why would you vote for a man like him?



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