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Scottish Power. Liars, Thieves!!

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Scottish Power one of the Big Six energy Bandits are thieves and liars.

If one uses the Economy 7 system, eg. night storage heaters, pays one’s bills on Direct Debit (D/D), then check your readings at the meter, compare the day readings on your most recent bill and compare the night readings on your most recent bill; that is if you get a bill, some on D/D do not get a bill. If you do not receive a regular update of your meter readings then ask for an update.

Scottish Power (S/P) have, for the past three years, been transposing day and night readings, creating a rather lucrative scam. Oh, of course when challenged about the scam they deny any wrong-doing, but cannot explain why this scam is happening. They first tried to blame a computer for the transposing of  day/night readings, then blamed the old Lady they were scamming for giving incorrect readings, they also blamed the meter reader; their meter reader? well no, the G4s meter reader.

Side note: S/P don’t employ meter readers, much as the other energy bandits don’t, they use a central server, run by G4s, for the readings, obviously adding to the costs for the bill-payer.

The transposing scam started three years ago when S/P demanded the old Lady, my Mum, increase her D/D monthly payments, as she wasn’t paying enough each month to cover her energy usage. My Sister questioned S/P about the increase and asked them to explain why Mum was now using more energy. They said they could not explain why the consumption had increased, but that she must pay more.

At this point my sister asked for a meter reader or engineer to check that the meter was working as it should, and to send Mum previous readings, estimated or otherwise. A meter reader (G4s) arrived, a few days later, took new readings and left a copy with Mum. Some time later Mum received a copy of previous readings (three years worth) and the scam was exposed, they, S/P, has transposed day to night, and night to day, doubling the amount Mum actually owed.

Still, S/P refused to amend their demand for money, that wasn’t owed, (threatening further action); they didn’t believe the meter readers readings, they then tried to blame a ‘software’ update, they believed that the meter was faulty!!!

My sister then asked S/P to send an ‘engineer’ to check the meter and, to ‘do a burn test’ – now obviously S/P do not have engineers to do the necessary checks. A meter reader (G4s) arrived to check the meter, but had ‘no idea’ what a burn test was, he duly read the meter, gave a copy to Mum and sent the readings, via his hand held computer to the central server, WTF!

My sister then contacted the Energy Ombudsman, explaining the scam, sending copies of the readings and requiring of them to explain to S/P where they had got things wrong. The Ombudsman explained that they could not speak about individual cases, but, would contact S/P, in due course, to try to explain the ‘anomaly.’

Anomaly! WTF. These fuckers have been trying to steal money from God knows how many people for the past three years, threatening everything in their power to get their ill-gotten gains.

We also contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau, but they said that there was nothing they could do, until the Ombudsman had exhausted ‘all avenues’, but they wished us well. Bless.

Side note: The Ombudsman are financed by the Energy Bandits, so it is not in their interests to upset the Bandits too often.

Eventually S/P admitted that their demands were wrong, that Mum didn’t have to pay their scam and offered to reduce the demand to half the original amount, no apology mind, but, an offer to set up a fresh direct debit…no thanks.

Mum has since moved to a newer social housing flat, where the ‘providers’ are British Gas, we shall wait to see if they are as blatant with their demands as Scottish Power.

It would appear that the energy bandits are in cahoots with G4s, using G4s’ server and meter readers to collect readings on behalf of the bandits, reducing the costs to the bandits, yet lining the pockets of G4s, obviously sub-contracting out the work adds to the cost to users of the bandit’s meters.

If I could offer some advice to anyone, or anyone you know, who uses Economy 7, night storage heaters; Please check the meter readings against the bill the bandits send you, if you are in any doubt, ask for the past three (3) years readings, especially if the readings are estimated, and take the time to compare them with the actual readings on your meter. And please remember the energy ‘suppliers’ and G4s do not care about the energy you use, they do not supply the energy, all they care about are the numbers on the meter, and that you pay-up as quickly as possible.