Labour. What’s the point?

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Two world wars, the great recession, rationing; the twentieth century was a total fuck-up, especially for the greatest generations to have occupied these islands, our Grandparents and Parents.

Those generations born in the early years of the twentieth century put up with more then we can ever imagine, more hardship, more death and destruction; all to please governments and royals hell-bent on securing their ill-gotten gains of previous centuries.

During that century there came along an idea to provide a better life for the majority, the working people, it called itself socialism and the Labour Party were its main proponents. The idea was protection from hardship ‘from cradle to grave,’ a noble and worthy idea, a promise of education, health, working and social provision for all, irrespective of class, gender, wealth or upbringing.

All the promises made by the Labour party, in opposition, during the years before and during the second world war were about to be given their chance with the Atlee government from 1945 onward. In a nation broke from fighting a 6 year war the government somehow created the National Health Service, the Welfare State and of course   ‘nationalisation’ of what the Labour party felt were essential industries, coal, steel and railways.

Brilliant, absolutely fuckin brilliant! To achieve all that, in a time of austerity, the likes of which, we nowadays could never comprehend, was probably the greatest achievement of any government, before or since.

However since 1951 the Labour party has done nothing other than tinker with its creation, and, since the Thatcher years, become a ‘lite’ version of the the Tory party. It has introduced more ‘Laws’ to restrict the lives of ordinary people, with its top-down version of Democracy, multi-culturism, political correctness, non-job creation, private finance initiatives, corporatisation of services, fawning to the EU, love affair with the Banks, neo-liberal economics, the sucking of American President’s cocks and of course its lust for WAR.

Now it is involved in a war of its own making, an internal war with itself.

The war is surely not all down to the Charisma of the old Marxist Corbyn; his vision of a return to the ‘good times’ of the 1970’s, when everyone was on strike, the dead lay in the streets with the un-collected rubbish, the lights were out, we worked 3 days a week. Or the Parliamentary Labour Party’s loss of the gravy-train when in power,  retaining everything the tories introduced; for that is all the PLP have been since 1997 and the ‘terror’ of Blair, the gloom of Brown, the nothingness of Milliband, Tories with Red Rosettes.

The Labour party is Blind, Deaf and ignorant to the people’s wishes,it doesn’t see,hear or believe that the people are sick of the ‘We know best’ attitude of politicians of all colours, it doesn’t accept the vote to leave the EU, it believes we are all uneducated idiots – so much for Blair’s education, education, education. It cannot see that the people want an end to the irrelevance that is the Labour party, it cannot see that it has nothing to offer for the health or welfare or prosperity of the people, it is finished. Dead.

Never mind that it claims to be the largest political party in Europe – 600,000 members – most of those new members won’t be allowed to vote in the upcoming leadership election because the Labour Party has used those member’s subscriptions to prevent them, via the courts, FFS, from participating, so much for democracy.

No matter who wins the leadership, Comrade Corbyn or Owen Who, the Labour Party will no longer be elected to office, they have nothing to offer, socialism is proven to be bankrupt, the Blairists of the PLP can offer only Tory policies -more austerity, support for the banks, denial of pensions for WASPI’S, paying back a non-existent debt and trying to overturn the will of the people, to remain in the corrupt despotic European Union.

Now we get the fucking Welsh windbag Neil fucking Kinnock.  “..I’ll never again see a Labour government in my lifetime” about the only time the cunt has spoken the truth since the day he got elected to parliament for the first time. This from a man who as leader of the Labour party oversaw loss after loss to Whisky Maggie, then pushed for the promotion of the International Terrorist Blair through the ranks of Labour, along with the saviour of the world Gordon Doom, and all that that entailed, boom, bust, 2 million non-jobs, scouring Europe for migrant workers, and War, lots of War. Millions displaced, millions injured, hundreds of thousands dead, countries destroyed and no plan for the aftermath; brilliant, fucking brilliant.

Is this what the Labour party of 1945 wanted for the future?

War, death and destruction, greater inequality, privatisation of all it created and competing with the Tories to see who can make the rich richer?




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