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Apologies dear reader for my abject failure to post during the past few months.

I have no excuse for this failure other than a lack of motivation and frustration.

For this I apologise.

I will endeavour to post more frequently from now on.

Son of Satan

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This sorry excuse for a Human being has been in the news recently, notably for his insistence that he would bomb innocent women and children, again.

Even after the much drawn out Chilcot enquiry found the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty, that there was no plan for the aftermath of shock and awe; that the troops sent to Iraq were ill-equipped to keep the peace, through a dismal lack of training, communications and ageing equipment. That Blair and Bush dismantled the Iraqi army, civil service and infrastructure, without any thought as to the consequences.

Or did they?

Was what we see now, in Iraq and Syria, the goal from the beginning? To create the chaos, headchopping, mass murder, car-bombing, religious in-fighting and the spread of Islamo-nutters throughout Europe, killing yet more innocents; the continuation of the ‘War on Terror.’ To fill the pockets of the Military Industrialists, Global-Death, the Big Energy Corps and of course the money-creators, the Banks.

Will we never see Blair, the Son of Satan, brought to book? Will his assets be frozen, like other criminals? Will his, ugly on the inside, money grubbing, ” I know best,”  pretend human-rights lawyer wife have to pawn her ill-gotten gains to pay for the Son of Satan’s crimes?

Well maybe.

Please do check this out:


Two fathers, Reg Keys and Roger Bacon, whose sons Tom Keys and Mathew Bacon were both killed in Iraq, due to the incompetence, indifference and criminality of the Blair ‘New Labour’ Government, are seeking justice on behalf of their loved ones who needlessly lost their lives.

The campaign group are hoping to raise enough funds to bring a private prosecution against the ‘Man of peace’ War criminal Blair, fatman Presscot, Jack ‘torturer’ Straw, George ‘Dunblane’ Robertson, Geoff ‘FFS’ Hoon, John ‘they won’t even fire a shot’ Reid and the rest of the Liars, Thieves and Murderers of the New Labour, wars’R’us, government.

The group have a target of £150,000 to be reached in the next three weeks, I’m sure that that is possible given the antipathy towards Blair at the moment; indeed with the publicity this cause deserves, millions of pounds should be able to be raised to get the cunts to answer before a Jury.

We may not see the Bastards hang, but, to see them squirm, imprisoned, impoverished and ostracised can only be a good thing and it may teach a lesson to any future government that has thoughts of going to war to kill innocents.

If dear reader you can afford to pledge £10, please do.



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