Forced to pay.

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is not a complete list


I am forced to pay for the propaganda arm of the State, an organisation that is filled with cronies, liars, thieves, peadophiles and yes men. And men who did not or would not see the plague of child abuse on their watch. The BBC.

I am forced to pay for the States private protection agency, the Police Service FORCE  – it’s there in their name. A force full of thugs, liars, psychopaths, sociopaths, yes men, “..only followin orders mate,innit.” A force that kills it’s employers and now wants to be armed with GUNS, to protect themselves from the unarmed. A force that turns a blind eye to the abusers of children.

I am forced to pay for the greed and incompetence of City Bankers, global corporations, privatised for profit public services, privatised for profit social services, Quangos who lobby the State, who are paid for by the State in order to tell the State exactly what it wants to hear.

I am forced to stand and watch as the Main stream Media abuse the the law and the ‘free press’ report only what the State allow it to report.

I am forced to pay for an unaccountable foreign State to dictate laws and regulations upon us, to incite war with the Russian people, to terrorise the Greek people, to force the people of Europe to accept an invasion of foreigners, -desperate as some of those poor people are, – without any thought as to the consequences.

I am forced to pay for so called charities to bully me into acceptance that my life choices are bad and cost the NHS and the State money and time that could be better used to pay for Chief Executives and managers’ pay, bonuses and expenses; that privatising the NHS is the way forward, that the poorest in society must get private health insurance or suffer the consequences. Charities who fund so-called scientists to find the answers to justify their bullying.

I am forced to accept a Justice’ system that only provides justice to the those who can afford to pay. That ignores the crimes committed by the rich, the big corporations, the titled, the entitled. That forces the poor in society to forego their hard earned rights and admit guilt rather than go to trial. That will cover-up abuse, to preserve the status quo.

I am forced to pay for the corrupt Northampton Bulk Clearing Center, that via private contracts, if any private corporation makes a claim against me, will automatically find me guilty and impose a fine or penalty. The fact that no-one, not any one, who works at NBCC is a Judge, a Lawyer, a Solicitor or indeed has any Legal training whatsoever is of no consequence. There are NO courtrooms. But, if I ignore the commands of the NBCC it is as if I have ignored a real Court order made by a real Judge and I will be made to feel the full force of the Law.

I am forced to pay for a fuckin Monarch that has abandoned any constitutional responsibility it once had, that panders to foreign Heads of State and Royal families that kill, torture, stone, behead, imprison people for speaking out; just like their ancestors used to do and probably wish they could still do. I am forced to pay for the Legions of Royal hangers-on, royal children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, second, third  and four times removed, for staff, servants, butlers, footmen, drivers, flunkies, arse-wipers, cooks, chefs, houses, palaces, castles, carriages, planes, trains and automobiles, security men, royal policemen, guards parading, royal correspondents, secretaries that answer for Brenda because she herself can’t be fuckin bothered to answer to her subjects’ legitimate questions, ladies in waiting, whatever the fuck they are. Then when she, Brenda, deems to lower herself to go and meet the poor, starving, flooded citizens in their tenements, tower blocks, terraced and run down council properties, they, the citizens, have to pay for the privilege.

I am forced to accept the dictates of the City of London, – by all accounts a foreign state – that is not answerable to the people or their representatives. An entity that can create ‘money’ at will, yet somehow ran out of ‘money’ and forced the people to ‘bail them out’ An entity that holds ‘our’ government to ransom and charges Interest on ‘money’ it creates out of thin air, a the click of a button. What other private company has a employee sitting in Parliament, protecting its interests?

I am forced to pay for a Government that could not possibly care less for the people. That believes: that the economy can continue to grow when the people have less to spend than they used to. That wealth trickles down from the rich to the poor, when in fact it rushes up from the poor to the rich. That reducing or removing public services makes us all better off, and yet, has not returned or reduced the tax that we, the people, payed for years, for those services. That going to war is for my safety and security. That supporting and arming the very people we are at war with makes economic sense. That buying oil from terrorists somehow diminishes the terrorists ability to buy more weapons. That the very nutter, and his Alawite elites, ‘we’ wanted to bomb to oblivion two years ago, must now be supported in his fight against the people ‘we’ are arming and funding; just so ‘we’ can remove him at a later date.

That bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity.”

We are now expected to pay for the upkeep, education, schooling, services and housing of thousands of immigrant children who have somehow managed to travel from their homelands in the middle east, unaccompanied, to the channel ports; when we cannot afford to look after the sick, old, vulnerable and poor of our own people.

I am forced to pay for and the protection of, former Prime Ministers – if they’d done their best for the people would they need protecting from the people? Warmongering, torture condoning, extra-renditioning, illegally imprisoning any desert dweller they deem to be a Jihadist or terrorist. Men who now make millions ‘advising’ murderers, torturers, despots, dictators, ‘Royal’ tribal leading headchoppers and any criminal who can afford the payments in cash or drugs or both.

I am forced to pay for some of the most corrupt politicians ever to have sat in parliament; Jeremy Hunt and his whistle-blower bullshit and backdoor privatisation of the NHS, his conflict of interest over relations with Newscorp.READ THIS

Hunt shame timeline

Or Chris Huhne with his wife’s fraudulent speeding ticket, lying to the people and claiming of expenses and wages when found guilty. There are many, many more.

And lest we forget the expenses scandal, Jaqui Smith, flipping homes and porn movies, Hazel Blears flipping homes, Tony McNulty, Geoff Hoon, Kitty Usher, David Laws stealing £40,000 for his boyfriend’s benefit, the list of thieves  goes on and on.

I am forced to pay for a Local Council, via council tax, that must be one of the most corrupt systems of local governance yet devised. A council run by place-men, un elected, unaccountable place-men – the cabinet – whose sole aim is to line their own pockets. These cabinet members ignore the Law to get what they believe they are entitled to. They write their own court summonses, hire courtrooms, hire judges, hire magistrates, hire private debt collectors, not court appointed bailiffs, forge signatures, forge documents, lie to their employers, lie to their employees, lie to the courts. The whole abomination -the cabinet-  should be torn down and the accountable councillors should be made to do the job.

I am forced to pay for Private Utility companies who provide nothing other than a meter, no Gas, no Water, no Electricity, just a meter.

Further, you dear reader are being shat on just as I am.

. . . . . . . . .


If I do not agree with, say, the sexual preferences of some minority or other, I am considered a Homophobe.

If I do not agree with the religious beliefs of some desert dwelling Imam and his prophet, I am an Islamaphobe.

If I do not agree with the preaching  and prophecy of an ancient book, I am an Anti-Semite.

If I prefer the company and culture of the people I grew up with, who nurtured me, protected me, taught me right from wrong and deserve my gratitude for doing so, I am a racist.

If I smoke a cigarette, drink a pint of beer, put a spoonful of sugar in my tea, eat a burger or drink a fizzy pop, I am being irresponsible and deserve to get Cancer or some other dreadful disease and I will die. Well I’m going to die eventually, we all are, that’s a fact, so why not enjoy that smoke or pint?

If I smoke a joint, of natural herbs, I am a criminal.

If I do not agree with the Government, I am a Non-Violent extremist. There is only the Governments viewpoint all others’ are wrong.

If I support Jeremy Corbyn – not that that is going to happen- and his non violence, anti-nuclear weapons, anti-war, protect the vulnerable, the poor, the infirm and the aged stance, in the present Governments eyes, I would be a supporter of terrorists.

I must save the planet, by paying more tax. How on earth does that work? If I don’t I am a denialist and my point of view is wrong. I must support the prevailing Government view that fossil fuels will create so much CO2 that we shall all die, prematurely, yet I must support the governments decision that ‘fracking’ of fossil fuels is a good thing and is harmless to the environment. WTF!


And now I am to believe that the Dear Leader has managed to wrestle from the mandarins of the unaccountable EU a ‘great deal,’ “it’s wots best for the UK” and we must stay in the club or else:

there will be terrorists on every street corner, planning to kill us all,

the pound will be worthless,we’ll need barrow loads of cash to buy a loaf of bread,

we won’t be able to go on holiday to Benidorm,

no-one will buy our goods,

we will be forced to do without the new Mercedes Benz and Italian cheese, because those Europeans will not want to sell to us, their biggest customers,

we will be swamped by refugees cos the French will tell us to pees orf with the Calais border control,

businesses will cease to to invest here,

thousands of people will lose their jobs, the world as we know it will come to an end,

the entitled will have to do without their fabulous pensions, the Kinnocks, Chris Patten, Lord Mandlebum, Nick Clegg, Baroness Ashton and the thousands of Civil Servants and Bureaucrats who feed at the EU trough.


nuff said



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