Magna Carta

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Magna Carta



The Great Charter that led to the Rule of Law in England, that proclaims that everyone, including the King, is equal before the law. No-one is above the Law. The document that led to Democracy and the right of people to choose their Government. The forerunner of the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Constitution of the United States and all the constitutions of the former nations of the British Empire. The Great Grandfather to the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Great Charter is allegedly still on the statute rolls today, after 800 years; protecting all the people’s rights.

Rights that the King himself recognized and sealed into law, for Eternity.

Is that really the case? Have we the people been protected, protected by Law, down the ages, from the whims of Dictators and Kings? Protected from the excess of Government, of greedy, tyrannical land owners?

Are we the people afforded the right to a fair trial, before a just and impartial Judge or Magistrate, before a Jury of our Peers? Not to be seized nor forfeited, without those rights being abused? To be allowed to defend ourselves, against our accusers, in a fair trial? To not be tried in our absence? To not be fined for the slightest of infringements, by claimants who do not need to prove their claims, without recourse to trial by a jury of our peers?


Or was Magna Carta the document that sealed into law protections for the rich and powerful, the aristocracy, the land owners; the modern day government, corporations and banks? Was Magna Carta written by the Barons, for the Barons? To protect their assets, their wealth, their Feudal power? Not just from the King, by preventing him from taxing them too harshly, or demanding the Barons supply men for war, but also from the ordinary Men and Women, who may have had ideas above their station.

Let us not forget that the vast majority of the people of England in 1215, indeed even the King could not read or write; the Great Charter was read to the King and the assembly and, at the point of a sword, was sealed under threat, of possibly a new King being chosen from the ranks of the attending Barons.

It would appear to us that the Great Charter was a written and recorded defense of the Barons assets, witnessed by the people, against an out of control Tyrannical King. A defense for the rich and powerful, giving full access to the rule of law and protection of the courts, if one has the wealth, power and influence that the Barons had in their day.

The same is true in England today; justice, protection by the law can be bought if one has enough wealth or the right friends in the right places.

But, if you are not of the land-owning aristocracy, a member or friend of a member of Government, head of a Bank or Corporation, Royalty, or work for Rupert Murdoch like CallHimDave; for they are the Barons of today, then Magna Carta means Fuck All for you. Same as it ever was.

Magna Carta- The myth that we have rights.

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