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Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Why vote for Liars?


Why vote for Thieves?


Why vote for Murderers?



Why would you vote for Party Leaders who cannot and will not keep any of the promises they make to you in this election campaign.

Nick Clegg, tuition fees.

David Cameron, V.A.T. A cast-iron guarantee of an EU referendum.

Ed Milliband, no more boom and bust.

Why vote for party leaders who would steal from you at any given opportunity? Why vote for any party politician who would steal from you at the first opportunity?

When David Laws the Illiberal Democrat decided to shack-up with his boyfriend, without telling his Mum, he needed somewhere to live, a cozy, romantic, love nest. Now David being a Millionaire could have bought his shag-pad out of his own ‘hard earned banking bonus’, but Mummy might have questioned David about where all his pocket money was going. So David did what most politicians do, he lied; he lied to his constituents, he lied to Parliament and he lied to his Mum. David got the taxpayer to buy him and bumfriend/ boyfriend their love shack.

And that other Illiberal Cunt, Chris Huhne. It took months and millions of taxpayers pounds to eventually get the fuck to admit to telling lies to the police, to parliament and his wife. Yet he still claimed his pay-off for losing his job of public servant.

Yes some of the troughers have served time for expenses theft, but only the no-marks who lost their seats at the last election and were forced out of the parties. Not the ‘front’ benchers, the spokespersons, the favoured ones who occupy safe seats.

Just what kind of protection do these fuckers have, where they can lie and thieve, but never face any kind of justice?

Why vote for thieves who will, within the rules, allow you the taxpayer to fund the mortgage payments for the second home they so desperately need near parliament, then ‘flip’ their homes to force the taxpayer to fund the mortgage on their first home, until both homes are paid for by the taxpayer. Then, when re-elected, rent out the ‘desperately needed’ second home, so as the taxpayer can then pay the rent on a third home they desperately need.

Why vote for murderers, party politicians, who without a second thought will order the troops to Bomb, invade and massacre innocent people on the other side of the world; without a second thought as to the consequences of the future for the remaining survivors desperate need for water, food and shelter.

Independent candidates do not answer the the whips, the lobbyists, the corporations, the bankers, the owners.

Independent candidates answer only to the people who elected them.

Vote for an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE on May 7th

No matter what strange policies the Independent may have, no matter whether they are standing for a local issue or not, no matter whether they have ‘no policies’ they cannot be worse than the LIARS, THIEVES AND MURDERERS of the establishment political parties.

Vote for an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE on May 7th



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