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There is much talk, much waffle, much Bullshit being bandied around of a coalition between Labour-SNP, Conservative-UKIP, a rainbow coalition between Labour-Green-Plaid, Conservative-Liberal all of it is pure Shite.

The old parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal will never admit to contemplating coalition and nor should they, that would be a sign of weakness, of not believing in their own policies or abilities. Coalition will only come about AFTER the election when the movers and shakers (the owners) of the respective parties decide what sort of arrangements they require.

NO. Coalition will be decided by the owners of Labour, the owners of Liberal and the owners of Conservative; the big multi-national Corporations, the Arms manufacturers, the Banks, MI5, MI6, these are the organisations that decide the future of the UK, the safety of the UK, the bank-rolling of the UK and the Foreign policy of the UK.

In the event of non of the old parties holding a majority; having to rely on the minor parties on a vote by vote basis, the old parties will form a Coalition Government… for the sake of stability both monetarily and militarily. And a Coalition will keep the same old stale MPs firmly attached to the trough of expenses, sinecures and the lifestyles they are entitled to.

Be honest with yourself, if you were in their position – the owners position – of having control over the formation of Government, irrespective of the people’s wishes, would you trust a bunch of unknowns, Nationalists or Tree huggers with responsibility for your ill-gotten fortunes?

Would you want these Mavericks tearing apart your foreign policy, spy networks, control of terrorism and your ability to create tensions and war in the poorest parts of the planet?

Would you want these low-born idiots with their caring, sharing ideologies to remove your entitlement to the riches of taxation, debt slavery and the plunder of oil and mineral wealth from wherever in the world you decide to rape and pillage?

NO, no you fucking wouldn’t.

The owners don’t want the SNP dictating to them that Trident must be abandoned.

The owners don’t want UKIP dictating to them about leaving the EU.

The owners don’t want the Greens Dictating to them about increased Welfare or Windfarms.

Three of the last four Prime ministers were un-elected, forced upon the people by the owners, to keep their entitled way of life, as the owners believe it should be; Major, Brown and Cameron were never elected, they are place-men, put in office to do the bidding of the rich and powerful, the Corporations and Banks.

It will be no different this time, yes the minor parties will gain a few seats on the green benches, thus creating a need for coalition of Labour-Liberal or Conservative-Liberal. But if the minor parties gain more seats than the rich and powerful are comfortable with, then, it will be a

Government of National Unity.


The present Liars, Thieves and Murderers will remain for the foreseeable,

for the sake of the Nation, the Union, the UK, Queen Brenda and her future generations of Parasitic Spawn.

If you intend to vote in the up-coming election then vote for an Independent candidate. Failing that, if there is no Independent in your constituency, go along to the polling station, give them your name, collect YOUR Ballot paper, neatly fold it up and take it home, it is YOUR Ballot to do with as you choose.



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