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There is much talk, much waffle, much Bullshit being bandied around of a coalition between Labour-SNP, Conservative-UKIP, a rainbow coalition between Labour-Green-Plaid, Conservative-Liberal all of it is pure Shite.

The old parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal will never admit to contemplating coalition and nor should they, that would be a sign of weakness, of not believing in their own policies or abilities. Coalition will only come about AFTER the election when the movers and shakers (the owners) of the respective parties decide what sort of arrangements they require.

NO. Coalition will be decided by the owners of Labour, the owners of Liberal and the owners of Conservative; the big multi-national Corporations, the Arms manufacturers, the Banks, MI5, MI6, these are the organisations that decide the future of the UK, the safety of the UK, the bank-rolling of the UK and the Foreign policy of the UK.

In the event of non of the old parties holding a majority; having to rely on the minor parties on a vote by vote basis, the old parties will form a Coalition Government… for the sake of stability both monetarily and militarily. And a Coalition will keep the same old stale MPs firmly attached to the trough of expenses, sinecures and the lifestyles they are entitled to.

Be honest with yourself, if you were in their position – the owners position – of having control over the formation of Government, irrespective of the people’s wishes, would you trust a bunch of unknowns, Nationalists or Tree huggers with responsibility for your ill-gotten fortunes?

Would you want these Mavericks tearing apart your foreign policy, spy networks, control of terrorism and your ability to create tensions and war in the poorest parts of the planet?

Would you want these low-born idiots with their caring, sharing ideologies to remove your entitlement to the riches of taxation, debt slavery and the plunder of oil and mineral wealth from wherever in the world you decide to rape and pillage?

NO, no you fucking wouldn’t.

The owners don’t want the SNP dictating to them that Trident must be abandoned.

The owners don’t want UKIP dictating to them about leaving the EU.

The owners don’t want the Greens Dictating to them about increased Welfare or Windfarms.

Three of the last four Prime ministers were un-elected, forced upon the people by the owners, to keep their entitled way of life, as the owners believe it should be; Major, Brown and Cameron were never elected, they are place-men, put in office to do the bidding of the rich and powerful, the Corporations and Banks.

It will be no different this time, yes the minor parties will gain a few seats on the green benches, thus creating a need for coalition of Labour-Liberal or Conservative-Liberal. But if the minor parties gain more seats than the rich and powerful are comfortable with, then, it will be a

Government of National Unity.


The present Liars, Thieves and Murderers will remain for the foreseeable,

for the sake of the Nation, the Union, the UK, Queen Brenda and her future generations of Parasitic Spawn.

If you intend to vote in the up-coming election then vote for an Independent candidate. Failing that, if there is no Independent in your constituency, go along to the polling station, give them your name, collect YOUR Ballot paper, neatly fold it up and take it home, it is YOUR Ballot to do with as you choose.



Corporate State Police

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This is what the politicians think of you; scum to be abused and removed from the property you have worked for.

What happened to an Englishman’s home is his Castle?

What happened to the Police Oath, to protect people and their property?

Who gave the order for the Tactical Assault Unit to remove a man from his home, for a civil debt? Sir Peter Fairy?


And whose Flag is that @ 10:30 that the Corporate Stormtrooper is proudly wearing? Is it a new Country’s Insignia? a Corporation Insignia? a new Private Army Insignia?

Is this what your Taxes are paying for? Is this what you want your taxes to pay for?

This is how far down the road to Ruin the Political Parties, of whatever colour, have taken us: and we are not at the end the end of the road yet, not by a long way. Not until the Corporations and Banks own everything you thought belonged to the people.

This isn’t North Korea, not Syria, not the former USSR, not some African Banana Republic, not Communist China, this is Manchester, England.

Coming to a home near you. Soon.

H/T Sam Bamford


Liars, Thieves, Murderers…

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We now have 4 weeks of electioneering until a new party or parties forms our government, or should that be our Masters.


So who will you choose to steal your hard earned wages, who will you choose to kill people in your name and who will you choose to to be liar in chief.

Will it be the present incumbent David Cameron and his bunch of posh boys; impeccably bred, Eton, Oxbridge educated toffs, who not only passionately believe that they know best but, know for certain that as you are not one of them you must be an idiot. And they could well be right because you continue, decade after decade to vote for them.

Will it be Ed Milliband and his bunch of posh boys; granted they are not as impeccably bred, but still Eton, Oxbridge educated, they also passionately believe that they know best, and, since the time of mass murderer Blair are no longer the party of the working people. And yes idiots keep voting for them decade after decade.

Will it be the great irrelevance Nick Clegg and his sandal clad, middle earth, middle of the road, pretend greens. Who just want to take all your wages, rich or poor, and pour them into their vanity projects. Of course they know best because, well because they just do.

Will it be Nigel Farage and his motley crew of degenerates and chancers, expenses thieves and wannabe racists. Whose only argument is the EU and it’s immigrant hordes; “get us out of the EU” he cries, stop the invaders and 1950s Britain, the Golden Age, will return. Perhaps we will see a return of the old, No Blacks, No Irish No Wogs.*

Will it be the Greens, those modern day Marxists, who obviously know best because, as all Statists know, the State knows best. The Greens will have us back to the stone-age, reading by candle light, cooking lentils and mung beans on open fires, wearing home made clothes and shoes – no leather mind you – cars will be banned, no central heating, no red meat, no smoking, no drinking, no holidays, nothin. Vast landscapes of windmills producing no electricity, yet producing lots of money for the land owners. No private ownership, the State will own all property.

Do you honestly believe that any of the above Liars, Murderers and Thieves will make a jot of difference for the Low paid, the Elderly, the Disabled, the Vulnerable. Will any of those Liars, Murderers and Thieves end austerity, cuts to services, reduction of benefits or privatising of the NHS.

Will any of those Liars, Murderers and Thieves end the protections afforded to Corporations, Banks and Oligarchs?Will they explain to the people, to whom the ‘National Debt’ is owed  and why it is owed? Why they cannot ‘create’ money on behalf of the people? Why there cannot be a Private Debt Jubilee for all, and there to be an end to Usury? Why the Banks never lose over Mortgage Defaults; when the banks never lend any money, banks only advance credit, and, why the courts, the peoples courts, always find on behalf of corporations? Why people can be imprisoned for causing offence, but corporations cannot?

Will any of the above Liars, Thieves and Murderers end the system of paying ‘in work benefits’ where corporations are subsidised by the Taxpayer, rather than pay people a decent wage for an honest days work?

Obviously the current system of borrowing by the State to pay for the services the people require and deserve is not working and never has worked, are the above Liars, Thieves and Murderers offering a different way of funding these services? Or will things just carry on the way they always have done, hoping future generations will eventually be brave enough to find that alternative way?

Will things just carry on the way they have always done because the system suits them, it works for them, it keeps them in the style they have become accustomed to, it prolongs their careers and keeps the backhanders and brown envelopes flowing. But not only does it suit the Liars, Thieves and Murderers, it suits the big corporations who own the legislatures; the arms dealers of Global Death Inc., the drug dealers of Big Pharma Corp., the Mega Rich of the private Bankers, all benefit from the system as it is. Big Global Corp. bribe and corrupt and know all the dark secrets of the Liars, Thieves and Murderers, thus maintaining the system they have bought and paid for.


The only way to bring common sense, decency and trust to the Den of Iniquity that is Parliament is to vote for a local Independent Candidate. Independents know the local issues to be addressed, they understand the problems of local people and do not pretend to ‘know best’ about the problems faced in other parts of the country, they will not ‘tar’ everyone with the same brush. Independents will not be influenced by the corruption of big money from the corporations and banks, they will probably not be major shareholders in the big global corporations and will not be pushing the corporatist agenda.

Come the 7th May say a BIG FUCK OFF to the Corrupt Liars Thieves and Murderers of Political Parties.