Electoral Commission

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Electoral Commission


There is an election up-coming, in which the people believe that they will choose their next Government.

In this so called Parliamentary Democracy, where a ‘secret’ ballot will take place – secret for good reason – so that the people cannot see the true count, or who voted for who. ” It’s not the people who vote that counts, it’s the people who count the votes.” – Joseph Stalin. ” If voting made any difference it wouldn’t be allowed.”

Of course the only parties you can choose from are those parties sanctioned by the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission can and do refuse new parties for the most feeble of reasons; “the words in the party name are too similar to another parties words.” FFS. “the descriptors you use are too similar to another parties descriptors”, there are only so many ways to describe a political party, “the party emblem may confuse the electorate.” Confuse the electorate! What the Fuck? Do they honestly believe the people are fucking stupid? Stupid enough to not be able to distinguish between two emblems on a ballot paper.

Lord give me Fucking strength.

 The only parties that can govern the people will be the one/s that the Electoral Commission allow.

It follows that if the Electoral Commission refuse to allow a party to stand in the election, then there can be no change from the establishment parties keeping on keeping on.

The Electoral Commission is run by and controlled by the Government, therefore the only parties allowed to govern the people are Government sanctioned parties.

It is in the interests of the establishment parties to keep their places on the gravy train of corruption, back-handers, sinecures, future directorships, massive pensions and seats in the Lords. Just like the despicable crime family the Kinnocks;

MP,EU commissioner, EU MEP, Lordships,


Son married to the Danish Prime minister,  these fuckers just can’t say no, they’re addicted to the lifestyle, money, expenses and doing absolutelyfuckall.

And this prick, Jabba, Lord Pies


railed against the House of Lords for decades, wanted the Lords abolished, said the Lords were unaccountable and not representative of the people, but couldn’t wait to get in there to collect his £300+ a day; entitled? course he’s entitled, why shouldn’t he be? steward on a North sea ferry, war criminal Blair’s right hand man, never trusted with a real government post ‘cept carrying the Grim Reapers coat, punched a few of the electorate, good for fuck all.

The Electoral Commission is a fucking scam, a nonsense. It is a barrier put in place to prevent a group of people creating a truly democratic party to challenge the power of the ‘establishment’ parties. 

And by establishment we mean The spiteful murdering Tories, the liars of warmongering Labour, the illiberal unDemocrats, the Fascist Ukippers, the Marxist Greens, indeed any party that supports the status quo of dictating to the people rather than administering the people’s wishes; continuing with the destructive policies of austerity for the sake of the banks, and prolonging the evil that is Usury.

If a party was to promote a different way of governing it will be stopped, stopped dead in its tracks.

Don’t be surprised when the next government is announced to be a COALITION, be it Lib/Lab, Con/Lib, Con/Ukip or where the big money is going CON/LAB, a ‘Government of National Unity’, for the safety of the UK, for the long term economic plan, to keep the establishment in it’s entitled position. To keep you in your place.

The Electoral Commission is an arm of Government, a protection racket pure and simple, like the BBC is the propaganda arm, the Police are the internal military arm, the Judiciary is the corporate protection arm, the Security Services the snooping and terrorism arm, all designed to keep those now in office – the established parties – precisely where they believe they are entitled to be, they cannot allow upstarts, non-conformists or parties not prepared to tow the establishment line to threaten their power, their position in the taxpayers pockets.

As we have previously noted the owners of the establishment parties; big corporations, banks and the unions, will not allow the present  gravy train to come off the rails, they’ve paid far to much in sponsoring, bribing and future boardroom promises, to allow their influence to be removed by a bunch of ‘ordinary’ folks with ideas above their station. That would never do.

If you intend to vote in May, if you think it can make a difference, if you resent the thieving, murdering, elitist bastards that are protected and sanctioned by a corrupt organisation, the Electoral Commission.

For Fuxake, find an Independent Candidate to vote for. 



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