Posted: February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized


Jack Torture Straw and Malcolm Shouty Rifkind caught with their noses deep in the trough.


Is there no end to these thieving fuckers greed.

“I’m self employed, I’m not employed by one person” said Mr Shouty. Oh no? really, the taxpayer and your constituents don’t pay you £67,000 a year?

“I’ve always placed the interests of my constituents, right as my first priority” said Mr Torture. Yet his parliamentary researcher, paid for by the taxpayer, spends a third of his time doing Mr Torture’s private work, so we can make an educated guess that Mr Torture spends at least a third of his time not doing work for his constituents.

These two have, between them, had maybe six Cabinet posts, for which they will receive a full pension from each and every post, yet still feel the need for more fucking money, to keep them in the lifestyles they’ve become accustomed to. Greedy Bastards.

What more proof do we need that Party Politics ought to be brought to an end, that MPs should serve no more than Two terms in office and that all MPs should be INDEPENDENTS.

No more party whip, no more being dictated to by party mandarins, no more corporate funding of parties, no more envelopes stuffed with cash for questions or access.

No more.

Go read this.



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