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Posted: February 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

No Party

Hi there
This is a partly political broadcast on behalf of
 NO Party

The obsession with political parties, especially by the current political parties, has finally reached its sell by date; its shelf life, its time has come to an end.

This nineteenth century way of politics is Dead. Political parties run by, owned by and dictated to by aristocratic, privileged families, corporate lobbyists, media and union barons has out-lived its usefulness. The old, long accepted, hierarchy of born to rule; Eton then Oxbridge, PPE educated, legally trained, special adviser, parachuted in, job for life, career politician, never done a real job, those days are over.

This normal way of government has for the past 200 years failed miserably to improve the lives of the poor, failed to educate them, failed their health and life expectancy, failed to provide justice for them, removed basic rights to be replaced with temporary privileges. Failed to provide adequate housing standards, adequate transport, adequate health systems, and inflated the cost of living. All these problems created by the very WE-KNOW-BEST, most expensively educated, most pampered, subsidised food and drink swilling, second and third home ‘owning’ parasites.


The increasingly hard hit small business men and women have fared little better either; with restrictive health and safety legislation; crippling business rates and taxes, and red tape it would take a hundred years to unravel. The very people that employ the vast majority of the nation’s workforce, battered from all sides by Government, HMRC, Local Authorities and Agencies; hounded for Taxes, rates, VAT, Licences and anything some numpty in government draws up, on the back of his subsidised Fag Packet, while drinking in a subsidised bar, after eating in a subsidised restaurant, subsidised by the same people they have failed. And failed miserably.


And what of the Pensioners, the people who have, for all their working lives, paid for the nation’s infrastructure, its Health Service, its Schools, its Police, Army, Navy, Air force, Justice system, its MONARCHY, parliament and government, indeed everything we take for granted, everything we expect, everything we believe we are entitled to including, light, heat and water, rails and roads. And yet pensioners pay for the brunt of the current austerity measures; losing essential services, losing out on what little savings they’ve accumulated, at great personal expense, depriving themselves of the small luxuries in life, so as to hopefully enjoy a more comfortable retirement; and yet earn little to no interest on a lifetime of savings. “We’re all in it together.” Aye right. How very dare Ed (Wallace) Millipede or Avid Haemorrhoid and Nick Clogg of the present cobolition of the condemned, or Nigel Faragiste of Ukips, career politicians all, blame the former mill workers, mine workers, steel workers, assembly line workers and house wives of the past 50 years, for the profligacy of WE-KNOW-BEST MPs.

It is time this corrupt, corporate, hierarchical form of dictatorship was laid to rest alongside, slavery, feudalism and the Divine right of Kings.

The Great British people deserve more, not less. They do not deserve privatised public services, run down state schools, private corporate takeovers of the NHS, private prisons, a private Justice System, private postal service, private probation service, private police, private court security and admin, private run councils, private energy suppliers, private WATER for god’s sake. Forcing taxpayers to fund the profits of private corporations is tantamount to Fascism. If private corporations want to offer a ‘paid for’ alternative to public services then let them, choice is always welcome, but enforced privatisation is not.

Why, if government can find/create untold billions of pounds to bail-out the ‘private banks’ can government not find the money to help the impoverished, the vulnerable, the disabled? Why must the majority suffer ‘austerity’ for the benefit of the few?

But the most disgusting, most worrying failure of party dominated government is the institutional abuse of Children. For governments and local authorities charged with protecting the most vulnerable in society, to have failed in such a catastrophic fashion, is unforgivable. Throughout the land we hear of children in local authority care being systematically abused, mainly it has to be said, in Labour controlled authorities; the removal of children from loving parents because those parents support the wrong political party.

 The police failing to investigate grooming gangs, for fear of upsetting ethnic minorities and local authorities, with their politically correct, Multi-cultural agenda.

 This has to stop, all of it! Party politics is a blight on the nation, they don’t Know-Best, they don’t understand the lives of working people, the only ones in it together are the privileged elites, waging war on the working people.


Enough of all this doom and gloom, austerity, bankers and elites, let’s have some good news.

There is a new idea in town, like minded people, up and down the country, coming together to demand a better, more inclusive, fairer, more Democratic, more just way of Governing.

This new idea is NO Party.

No Party is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY it is a movement, NO Party will be supporting Independent Candidates, already members of NO Party, who, support the ethics, principles and ideas of NO Party. It will support other Independent Candidates, who, for whatever reasons find the main establishment parties to not represent their views.

NO Party would put all the major national decisions to the people, for the people, to decide, in a referendum; e.g.

 Do the people want HS2, yes/no?

 Do the people want a fully funded NHS yes/no?

 Do the people want to wage war on foreign countries, yes/no?

 Do the people want a different monetary policy, one without borrowing from ‘private banks’ yes/no?

 Do the people want to be part of the EU yes/no?

 Do the people want an end to institution sponsored paedophilia and child abuse yes/no?

 Do the people want the needs of the ‘aged’ properly seen to yes/no?

Do the people want fully funded schools, police, and armed forces yes/no?

Do the people want an end to the mass corporatisation of public services yes/no?

Do the people want a codified, simplified constitution yes/no?

Do the people want a fully accountable police ‘service’ yes/no?

Do the people want the power to decide how their local borough should be administered, with a Community Bill of Rights yes/no?

All of the most important issues affecting the people would be discussed in parliament, to decide the important questions to be put to the people. Then in a referendum the people would decide their future. If the people can be trusted to elect MPs and thus the Government, they must surely be trusted to get the right answers in a referendum. Simple.

The Government would be purely Administrators, executing the will of the people.

 All EU laws will be ratified by the people, if the people determine that the nation stays in the EU.

All new national laws, if needed, will be ratified by the people.

NO Party will undertake a complete review of all the laws enforced upon the people since 1972, any found to be to the detriment of the people will be repealed.

NO Party will look to re-instate Grand Juries, which were stolen from the people 8 decades ago.

All men and women are equal before the law, regardless of wealth, influence or breeding. NO Party will protect this fundamental right.


Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for NO Party must not have been members of another political party before standing for NO Party, so as not to have been tainted by the failed ideologies of ‘establishment.’ Neither can they be members of organisations to whom they have sworn loyalty to. Their loyalty will be to the people only.

 NO Party candidates will not be open, to the bribes and brown envelopes of the corporate lobbyists; they will not stand for more than two terms in office.

NO Party will look to overhaul the expenses system currently being abused in parliament, to try to remove it altogether.

NO Party will remove the present, ‘full pension payments for every cabinet post held’; that is just plain theft of the people’s money.

The present system of government lobbying by government sponsored Quangos will be brought to an end by NO Party, indeed paying Quangos to tell you what you want to hear is truly beyond belief.

NO Party will thoroughly investigate the charitable status of many so called charities; Common Purpose, ASH and National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) being just three.

NO Party believe that an MP’s job is ‘full time’ therefore one shouldn’t have time to be ‘board’ members of big corporations.

NO Party support the Recall of MPs by their constituencies.


NO Party will introduce a Total Economic Activity Levy, TEAL, gradually, to replace all taxation; allowing the people to keep their hard earned wages for longer, rather than having wages stolen at source by HMRC.

The subsidising of private corporations by government, via working tax credits, will be brought to an end. The practice of ‘in work benefits’ to compensate for the low wages, paid by big corporations, is theft of taxpayer’s money.

The power of big corporations, their influence and contracts they ‘enjoy’ in local communities will be thoroughly examined by NO Party; e.g. the ability of corporations to fine and punish individuals without regard to the rights of the people.

NO Party will turn the present monetary policy, of the failed parties, from one of benefit to the banks and corporations, to one of benefit to the people.

NO Party will ask the people if they really want to keep Nuclear weapons; to be responsible for the potential destruction of mankind, or do these weapons truly keep the peace. The people will also decide on the question of Nuclear Energy, is it a viable, sustainable form of energy production?

NO Party will look to reverse the past 30 years of meddling with the education of our children. The people will decide if there needs to be a return of Grammar schools, Technical schools and more vocational education.

 Head teachers and school governors will be responsible for the curriculum of each school.

Universities will be encouraged to teach the Sciences, Engineering and Computer studies over media and the arts. So as to move the national obsession away from service providers and trading in ‘money’ to one of manufacturing ‘world class’ products the rest of the world needs.

NO Party will look to ease the legislation suffocating manufacturers, particularly of sustainable and ‘green’ energy products, and will consider government loans for start-up companies to provide these much needed technologies.

NO Party will reverse the current trend of privatising the nation’s assets; this will not be a Marxist style of nationalisation, but the common sense attitude of- the people’s needs must be a priority over the profits of private corporations- Energy supply, Railways and roads, water, the NHS and currency being the priorities.

The recent phenomena’s of Political Correctness and Multi-Culturalism are a state-enforced terror upon people by we-know-best politicians and the infestation of cultural Marxists, rife within the civil service, schools and university system; these stains on the British way of life have put fear into the minds of good, well meaning folks, who are terrified of speaking their thoughts in company, for fear of ‘offending’ the puritans, the righteous and the terminally offended. Free speech ought not to have lines drawn in the sand, over which one dare not cross, it is either free or it is not.

NO Party will determine, once and for all, who owes the nation’s debt. Is it the people or is it the government? And who does the nation owe this debt to? If it is found that the past and present situation of ‘borrowing’ money is to the detriment of the people as a whole, NO Party will ask the people if the Government, on behalf of the people; should ‘create’ the nation’s ‘money/currency’ free of interest?

If you believe that voting can make a difference to your life and the lives of millions of British people, that the people should control the government, then you should consider voting No Party next May – or through independent candidates, whom support NO Party. a political movement, not a party.

No Party


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