What the Fu..

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

What the Fuck

Just over a week ago a group of Islamonutters went on the rampage, in Paris, and killed innocent people in the name of their god and their peadophile prophet, (not so great a god if cartoons and words can upset him).

One of these nutters holed up in a local market shop, holding people hostage, until armed police shot their way in and killed the nutter, who died, along with four of the hostages.

Now this is all very tragic for the victims and their families and we would hope that the families can find some peace in the coming months and years.

But today we are told, by the Home Secretary Mad Theresa May, that we must stamp out antisemitism; just what the fuck has the Paris attack got to do with the Jews in this country, and how they are treated by the people here. Mrs May said there could be a need for legislation, to protect the Jews and Muslims from the Hymiephobics and Islamophobics of this secular nation. NO. No, there is no need at all for legislation to protect someones beliefs, or indeed the gods they believe are all powerful.

Edit: Go read Peter Hitchen’s view of this abomination here,


“What follows might have come from the laws of the Chinese People’s Republic or Mr Putin’s Russia. Two weeks’ advance notice of meetings must be given so that speakers can be checked up on, and the meeting cancelled if necessary.” WTF!

This, it appears, has all stemmed from the following days, after the attack, when ordinary, common sense people declared support for the magazine at the center of the islamist ire, Charlie Hebdo, and the freedoms of speech and expression, we think we have in the west. Of course our Dear Leaders, grudgingly, gathered together, in Paris, to show support for the concept of freedom of speech and to say that they wouldn’t be dictated to by extremists, but, as we see they have capitulated and will look to legislate to protect the religious extremist cunts, from us, the freedom loving, non-violent extremist secularists.

I don’t need to tell you about the strange beliefs of the Jews, how their god told them they are the chosen ones, that their god will smite their enemies, how they, according to the the Talmud, are supposed to rule the world, how we non-jews, the Goyim, are but slaves for their use and are lower forms of life, ranking alongside if not below animals. How one cannot be converted to Judaism, only born a jew, one cannot rightfully marry outsiders, gentiles, and remain a jew; to preserve the bloodlines see.

What I didn’t know, is the fucking muslims believe exactly the same shit, and that this shit is forced into their tiny minds virtually from birth; all children born to muslim parents are muslims, no question, it’s the rules innit, that all this praying five times a day is brainwashing to reinforce these stone-age beliefs and the majority of muslims live in fear of their own religion.

I read this the other day, http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.gr/ written a few years back but right on the money as far as I can see. Go take a read, ‘swell worth it. Whilst our Dear Leaders are demanding we accept the religions of peace and calling on the moderate muslims to come forward and denounce these extremists, as not the true representatives of islam, it appears the so called moderates can’t, because they live in constant fear of denunciation themselves, even by members of their own families. This religion of peace is nothing but a fucking Cult. A Death Cult.

If Mad Mrs May is looking to legislate, she needs to look to clamp down on the real offenders, the religionists; for it is they who create offence by demanding the other religions accept that theirs is the only true religion; that people must die unless they accept their god is the one true god; there are no half measures within their religions, any muslim who says he/she is a moderate is lying, lying is allowed (taqiyya) in islamic law, they do this because they live in constant fear of the nutterbastards of islam. If Mad Mrs May wants to legislate then legislate in the name of secularism, this nation of people choose to live here because of secularism, choose to live here because the church, the synagogue or the mosque has no authority to determine our beliefs, to deny us our thoughts and expressions. So Mrs fucking May, defend the freedoms of all, not just the religionists.

Personally I take all this ‘children of the god of Abraham’ shit with a pinch of salt,  I believe they are free to worship whatever the fuck they please, whenever, wherever they please. But, in practicing that freedom, the Religionists must accept that the rest of the world are free NOT to worship any of their gods and are free to say so, free to question and free to take the piss, that includes you Popey, yes you who would punch any one who critisises your fucking fairy stories.

Organised Religion eh? ‘spose it’s a cross we have to bare.

  1. Come now, you’re being played like a pony! This is all part of the Fascist script we’ve been eagerly enacting for the past decade!

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