Envoys of peace

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we saw, in Paris, France, the envoys of peace at work.

Murder is their preferred method of promoting peace. Insult the Prophet, some thing that there is no proof of existence of, and we will shoot you, stone you, behead you, bomb you to death, you fucking infidels.

Much like that recent convert to Catholicism, the Middle Eastern Envoy of Peace,

Tony – murderer – Blair.

images (2)

“Lets be clear about this, it’s in the nations interest, the only way to bring peace to this troubled region is to murder anyone who disagrees.”

“Disagree with what I say and I will bomb you back to the time of the fucking Prophet, Peace be upon him.”

Blair and the Jihadists are the same, they see only one way to achieve their aims, whether that is self enrichment or world domination, murder is the most efficient way to public conformity.


The Jihadists have already won one small battle in their war for a World Caliphate, they have silenced the British media and press.


These cowardly editors and journo’s, whether Skynews, BBCnews or the dead tree reps, are too frightened to say it as it is; these murdering cunts believe that their Prophet would be pleased that the fucking infidels are dead, cause their Prophet and his religion of peace is so easily offended, so weak, so timid, so insecure that cartoons in a magazine might cause millions of ‘moderate’ believers to switch teams and become Jews, Hindu’s, Buddhists or Rastafarian’s, FFS.

These murderers, for that is what they are, must have so little faith in the teachings of their god, their prophet, their book to believe that killing non-believers is the way to win over new converts.

Tis about time that any radical religious freaks, of whatever denomination, where shipped out to a place of their choosing, preferably the Levant or Saudi where all this shit started off, then they can continue with their wars of peace till all are dead and the desert turned to glass. Fuck em they deserve each other.

All this shit, from 911, through 7/7, Anders Brevik, muslim grooming gangs, to the Paris murders is down to governments of the west policies of invasions, multi-culturalism and political correctness. Bomb the innocents in the desert, torture and kill their menfolk, rape their women, insist that they embrace Democracy, force them to accept western global brands, steal their countries oil; then bring them here, give them what they cant have in their own countries, re-write the law to protect them from the satire, comic strips and humour of the indigenous and punish the locals for exercising the freedoms they used to enjoy.

Destroy a culture from the inside, punish the locals, protect the imported, create confusion among everyone and tensions between the old and new cultures, Paris being the latest multi-culti/PC fuck up.

Oh, and arm to the teeth the good Jihadists of the countries they’ve just ‘freed,’ to keep the peace; but fight any other desert rulers ‘we’ don’t much care for. Now our governments sit in amazement, in wide eyed disbelief that the fucking nutters would even think to use those weapons against ‘us’ their saviours.

Of course we, the locals, cannot protect ourselves from gun-toting, knife wielding fucking nutcases, we can’t be trusted, unless of course we are Government licensed employees; that’s the job of the police – to protect us – who can never be there when these murders occur, they can only be there after the attack. To fucking late then innit.

I blame Blair and Straw and Hoon and Milliband major and Clegg and Cameron and May; you will reap what you sow; except you won’t, will you? We will reap what you have sown, the ordinary people will suffer, either by being murdered by the Islamoloons or being punished for speaking out. Cunts.

For perhaps a more level headed or eloquent account of these atrocities, please have a look here:


or here:



  1. Theresa May is a Fascist war criminal who supports crimes against humanity in Ukraine and across the middle east. The Nuremberg precedent is still aw and Theresa May is enthusiastically committing crimes against humanity under this precedent as well as treason against the Bill of Rights. She will get what’s coming to her.

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