A year we’re going to regret?

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized


A year we’re going to regret?


All you freedom loving people out there are just going to love the next 12 months; with what the ‘Coagulation of the ConDemned’ have in store for us, the peasants.

First up Police Scotland, no doubt the rest of us will be treated to this, will prosecute anyone for ‘offending’ anyone. Even if you aren’t offended by what someone ‘says’ about you, the Police may /will be. The ‘Offender’ must then be prosecuted. Go read:


“Those who use the internet to peddle hate or abuse, to harass, to blackmail, or any other number of crimes, need to know that they cannot evade justice simply by hiding behind their computers or mobile phones.”

“Communications which specifically target an individual or group of individuals in particular communications which are considered to be hate crime, domestic abuse, or stalking.”

As prosecutors we will continue to do all in our power to bring those who commit these crimes to justice, and I would encourage anyone who thinks they have been victim of such a crime to report it to the Police.”

Now, if you are of the persuasion that freedom of speech is a fundamental part of British culture, that smoking or drinking or eating whatever you choose is your inherent right, then think again because you are in the minority and you are wrong; the State knows best, and those who agree with, are funded by or indeed lobby the state are now the majority and always know best. Tell one of the State Drones to Fuck off via twatter or farcebook, whether they see it or not, and you will be prosecuted by the professionally/terminally offended.

However, the state drones can say anything they choose, whenever they choose, to whoever they choose without fear of repercussion, below is a link to some of the most hate-filled bile, against smokers, you will ever read:


Second up. Can’t pay, won’t pay, late paying, your TeeVee licence, council tax, parking fine etc. Then don’t dare think about going on holiday, visiting relatives abroad or heaven forfend working abroad, ’cause you’ll be arrested at the departure gate, have your passport confiscated and possibly be imprisoned.


Isn’t this how it was in East Germany, how it is in North Korea? Is this not internal exile?

WTF happened to the right to travel, guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

Article 9.
  • No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.
Article 13.
  • (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
  • (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.


Then there is this fucking shite.


Do not tell me this is not going to happen, that they would not do this to their own people… they’ve done it to the people of Cyprus, they will do this to us.

You will pay and you will keep on paying, it will not stop, and it will never stop while the Government continue to ‘borrow’ money from ‘Private Corporations’, to be paid back at interest, from you know who.

H/T Legiron, Frank Davis and Russell.


Then there is this;     Prince Andrew of Ruritania accused of shagging an under-age girl: Convicted,Noncing friend Epstein, supplied girls for the Prince. Impossible says Queen Brenda, my family have never been involved in anything unlawful. Course not. Is the Pope Catholic? Do Bears shit in the woods? Course not.

Strange it is, that any ‘celebrity’ accused of Beasting is found guilty, by the media, before conviction, yet a member of the Parasite in Chief’s family couldn’t possibly have done such a thing; how dare you think that you peasants, know your place. Below, lower, beneath…us, your betters, your superiors, the best breed, the best educated, the most expensive benefit claimants in the world; our rightful Majesties.

H/T Mr Ishmael


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