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Time for change?

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Is it time for change?


Real change?


For the past few years I have been travelling down a slightly different path to the one my parents introduced me to, set me off on. A path that schooling demanded I follow.A path the government, of whatever hue, mapped out for me, mapped out for all of us; one where we work hard, obey the rules, do as we are told, pay our taxes, respect authority, respect the police.

After discovering the internet, speaking to people with a slightly different view of the world, reading the writings of some long forgotten rebels, I started to see the world as it really is, but more importantly as it could be, a fairer, more just place, where the opinions of some Oxbridge educated, privileged, elite, born to rule, Iknowbest MP, are brushed aside with the broom of revolution. Not violent revolution, no, but an education revolution, a political revolution, social revolution.

For decades the nation has been ‘ruled’ either from some dark, secretive, foreboding basement of a Gentlemen’s Club,through a fog of cigar smoke, fueled by expensive wines and liquors, by unaccountable men who own the Conservative party or the Liberal party or whatever they call themselves now; or a fluorescent bulb lit, soviet style concrete bunker of the Unions, the owners of the Labour party, although since the Blair regime and Labours abandonment of of it’s core principles, we could be forgiven for not seeing any difference between all the ‘establishment’ parties.

These backroom power brokers, owners, bankers, corporate lobbyists, aristocratic families, intelligence services, gangsters, call them what you will; appear to have control of all the major parties, appear to own all the land, much of the infrastructure and I think, access to all the skeletons hiding in the wardrobes of all past and present MP’s.

These overlords of the establishment live in a reality you and I cannot imagine, one of excess; of money, power, control, drugs, abuse of both children and adults, ritual, sexual deviancy, pornography, even rape and murder. They have not the faintest understanding of the lives of ordinary people and their struggle to feed, clothe and shelter their families.

The overlords have been likened to Psychopaths, they crave self gratification, they have no remorse for their actions, and they do not give a Fuck about anybody else.

This situation of Master and servant, Owner and MP is what has been the Illusion of Government for decades, Corporate, Aristocratic control of what we foolishly, ignorantly believe is Democratically elected government.


Now is the time for change. Now is the time for the people to take control. To change the whole corrupt system from one of top-down tyrannical control, to one of people telling their government  how they wish their country to be governed.

No Party


This is an idea, not just a political party, this is an idea whose time has come.

The idea that we should no longer take part in wars, especially on our own people.

That we should no longer have poverty in these lands.

That the opinions of a self appointed elite of Oxbridge educated parasites no longer represent the aspirations of millions of ordinary, everyday people.

That the collective wisdom of the people knows what’s best for the people.

That an educated, responsible people can and will do what’s best for their fellow people.

That there is no reason for austerity because of the failings of the very politicians who, for decades, failed.

That the war on Drugs is a war for the benefit of the Pharmaceutical Corporations.

That the monetary supply and fiscal policy of the nation should be controlled by the administrators of the people’s wishes.

That there can be an abundance of Anything the people wish to create, including money.

That money is only a medium of exchange.

That Water ought to be supplied freely.

That there are Natural Remedies for the treatment of Diseases.

That any decisions the government administrators make, will only be made with the approval of the people.

That the Justice system protects and defends the Rights and Freedoms of people, not corporations.

That the State is the servant of the People.

That there are too many Rules for the average ‘Every-man’ to understand and the Constitution needs to be simplified.

That the people do not need Licences, that Education and Training is preferable.

That people at the local level should decide the rules for their Local Community.

That Taxation is theft.

That Usury is Evil.

That there is only One Law; Do No Harm.


If you, the reader, believe that voting can make a difference to your life and the lives of millions of British people, that the people should control the government, then you should consider voting No Party next May.

Take a look at their NO Party PARTLY POLITICAL BROADCASTS here:


No Party



Men of Peace

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From the Bolton Freedom Advocates

Sometimes Satan comes as a Man of Peace


Some fucking Bad individuals on that video; Mass Murderers, Paedophiles, Rapists, Child Abusers, Con Artists, Gravy Train Riders, Fakers, Satanists.

The scum of the Earth presented as our betters, as trusted men and paid for by you and me.

Pay for the TeeVee licence? under threat of imprisonment?

 You paid for some of these scum, Saville, Hall, Glitter, Harris, Travis etc. and all the cunts at the BBC who new what these scum where up to, but never said a word.

Pay taxes? under threat of imprisonment?

We paid, for the war criminal Blair, middle east Peace Envoy, son of Satan the Anti-Christ; we paid for the dead innocents of Iraq and Afghanistan; we paid, for the dead and injured, limbless, eyeless and mind-damaged British soldiers.

The families of the dead and injured continue to pay for the decisions of the Men of Peace.

Sobering thought