Freedom beckons…?

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

On the 1st of November the Sovereignty of the People, their Monarch and their Parliament is lost.

All will become Citizens of the Super-State that is the EU.

This abomination will  be your flag.

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You will have a new National Anthem,

you will be dictated to by un-elected bureaucrats,

the death penalty will become legal,

you will be forced, in time, to use the EURO

you will have ID cards, as the rest of Europe does.

On the 1st of November the final part of the Nice Treaty will be signed and ratified, in your name, you  will become a true


whether you like it or not.

There is NO choice, you have accepted the WILL of Treasonous Politicians and The Monarch, you will obey.


Unless you are a Freeman or Lawful Rebel and have signed up in support of the Barons Committee of 2001.

Go read this:

Attend the WITTANGEMOTE at STONEHENGE on the 1st of November

th (11)

Make the Declaration:

And enjoy the Freedom of being an Indigenous Briton.

Update. Maybe take a look at this expose’:


  1. Nomine Deus says:

    Thanks for this m8 it needs to be viral in my opinion…let us scare the sh*t out of them as think they are in power…

  2. Steve Jago says:

    what utter crap!

    I would prefer to pay money to europe, which has given us employment protections over the last 30-40years.

    to europe which has given us the FIRST ever RIGHTS to protect us from the state.

    to europe which has given us soooo much support under the social chapter that the con-servative and labour tories have tried to destroy.

    rather them than the unelected criminal mass murderers who drop bombs into childrens schools spattering their tiny frail bodies all across their playgrounds.

    rather them than the scum of the earth, supremecist bastards that removed the funding of the nhs, fire brigades, the poor, the disabled and the rest of us.

    rather them than the big brother, deceitful, dictatorship of the foreign saxe-coburg/gotha tyrants!

    stop this CRAP of europe bashing – its naive, stupid and self-defeating.

    I believe, extremely, in freedom of the people. the dictatorship and tyranny of the state is our truest ENEMY.

    europe has provided us with, at least, some beginning of RIGHTS, PROTECTION AND (partial) INDEPENDENT SUPERVISION over the corrupt STATE!


    • inmate000003 says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I agree with your sentiments entirely regarding the State, however swapping one State, the UK Government, for another un-accountable State, the EU, and expecting it to treat the people any better really is naive.

      Did you follow the links in the post above? If you did you will see that Nominedeus is saying the same as you.

      It’s not ‘bashing’ Europe that Lawful Rebellion is trying to achieve, it’s making the Treasonous saxe-coburgs understand that they have a duty to uphold the rights and freedoms of the people of these islands, before handing all their responsibilities over to un-accountable mandarins in foreign lands.

      Go read the Bill of Rights 1689 (still the law of the land) and see what the parasite in Buck house signed up to do, then tell me it is utter crap.

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