Tax Disc

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The end of the Tax Disc.


It’s too costly; too fucking costly? to who? The DVLA? Then the cost of Road tax will come down will it? Will it fuck.

Just WTF is a road tax/excise duty for?

To pay for upkeep of the roads? To pay for all those new motorways? To reduce congestion? To keep all the street lights on? To repair the potholes? To pay for the speed cameras in areas where there is never any fucking road accidents? To pay for ANPR cameras to spy on people? To pay for the good for fuckall ‘Road traffic Agents’ who, much like PCSO’s have no power, no authority, are a drain on resources, and, if they are needed, which we doubt, make them into proper fucking policymen FFS.


To keep the lifestyles of the owners of the DVLA (private corporation) in the manner they have become accustomed to?

The Council tax that is forced from us is used to pay for the roads where you live, isn’t it? The duty you pay on fuel and the VAT on the price and the duty you pay, is used for the upkeep and building of the ‘nations’ road network, isn’t it?

Anyways who gave the DVLA powers to fine people, to remove their Licences, to restrict us from driving certain vehicles, when, according to the law, if we don’t work for the Government we don’t need a licence to to drive?

Don’t believe us:

mp driving018

“Dear Mr Scott, thank you for contacting me about Driving Licences.

There is no legal requirement for a Driving Licence in the United Kingdom.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.”

Graham Evans MP

You’ll not find the truth about the Driving Licence on Legislation.Gov, but it is an Act of Parliament. They just don’t want us to see it.

Driving Licences are for Government employees and those acting in Commerce, only. End off.


Learn the new RULES or face a fine of onethousandfuckingpounds



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