Cameron.Spineless, Empty Suit.

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Uncategorized


It would appear that the Spineless, empty suit that is the Un-elected Prime Minister David Cameron, he who would bomb the Syrian people into Democracy, who would risk war with BadVlad Putin over forcing the people of Ukraine into a western EU style of Democracy, who is desperate for war with the IslamoNutters of IS/ISIS/ISIL to preserve the democracy in Iraq, has removed the Democratic Rights of the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Camoron has, without consultation with Parliament or the People, altered/amended the Scotland Act 1998 in favour of the Socialist Dictator WeeEck Salmond.

The amendment to the Scotland Act has brought the Independence Referendum under the Register of local government elections and elections to the devolved legislature. 

In other words, only those resident in Scotland are allowed to vote in the Independence Referendum. If you are Scots living and working abroad (England?) your right to vote has been removed; if your’e a British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizen residing in Scotland at the time of referendum, you CAN vote. WTF. Is Camoron doing what the EU command, whilst fooling the Scots into believing their future is in their hands?

So, any Polish Plumber, Romanian scrap dealer, Czech tobacco smuggler, French onion seller, German sausage maker, indeed any EU Citizen residing in Scotland at the time of the Referendum can vote on whether you or I, residents of the UK, but living in England, Wales or Norn’Iron remain a resident of the Union.

Is this Democracy? When 3/4 of the people of these Islands are treated with contempt, are thought of as an irrelevance

Seems to us that this is more of the slow creep of Corporate Fascist/Marxism.

Personally we couldn’t give two fucks about the Union, but there are many who believe in it, wish it to stay and would, given the opportunity, vote to keep it, but heh can’t let the will of the people get in the way of Party agendas.

Was this amendment in the Tory or LimpDem manifesto’s, along with all the other promises they’ve failed to keep? Was it in the Labour party manifesto who, by the way, their former leader the Un-elected former prime minister Gordon-ruin-Brown has made promises on behalf of the present UK government – Devo-Max – and is unlikely to be part of any future government, the useless prick.

All this smacks of dare we say it, conspiracy, between the Establishment Parties, to create division and confusion and resentment among the people of these Islands, to keep us looking the other way while they continue with the removal of Freedoms and Rights, to the benefit of the Corporations.

Th spineless, empty suit that is CallMeDave Camoron is using EU law, *This right of EU citizens to vote in UK local elections derives from the Maastricht Treaty and is enshrined now in Article 20(2) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.*  to get what he wants, the same EU he says he wants to repatriate powers from, in the event that he is elected at the next General Election.

The man Camoron is a Lying Fucking Hypocrite.

Wake up people, see through what he and his ilk are offering you, stop voting for these Elites, stop voting for any of those who wish to control you and steal your earnings, while ignoring your wishes.


But if you really, really must vote; vote None of the Above, No Thank you, NO-TA.

Send the Elites and their corporate bedfellows a clear message, we’ve had enough of you.

* h/t mrIshmael:



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