Bradbury Pound

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just listened to a presentation about the Bradbury Pound, by the man leading the argument for it, Justin Walker.

Please go look it up, it saved the nation from financial collapse at the advent of World War One.

The Bankers of the time were panicked by the thought of the people wanting to withdraw their money, at a time when there was insufficient liquid currency in the vaults to pay the people and fund the up-coming war effort.

The treasury minister/ Chancellor of that time was a certain Lloyd George, he gave the order for the printing of Millions of  Bradbury Pounds over a bank holiday period, to replace the Bank of England pounds, to allow the economy to function. The people accepted the money, through government approval, and happily used the Bradbury throughout the period of war.

So, whats so clever about that? You might ask.

Well, this new money, The Bradbury Pound, was issued without any debt attached to it, it didn’t bear interest, so it didn’t add to the national debt. Because it wasn’t printed by a PRIVATE COMPANY, the Bank of England. Genius.

Go read the whole story here:!%2030:11:12.pdf

Or if you prefer to watch and listen:

There is now a campaign to get the Bradbury re-instated as the currency of the nation, to end the national debt, to end usury and to reduce the taxation forced upon the long suffering people by the criminals of the Central Banks and Bank for International Settlements.


  1. axelle, naturally simple says:

    Brilliant summary of a very informative evening.
    Thanks for that Colonel.
    Got Tweeted, this info needs to spread.
    Take care,

  2. inmate000003 says:

    Hi Nathalie

    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes it was an excellent presentation, however I fear for Justin when he puts his argument to the ‘intellectuals’ at Trinity college. Without a plan to follow up this groundbreaking idea, a plan to trade with the BIS controlled rest of the world is pure naivety. To trust that ‘better’ people than he will come along to take up the reins, to rescue the rest of mankind from the shackles of usury, to create, overnight, free energy for the nation, to end reliance on an oil based economy is fantasy.
    Without a party in parliament, fully committed to the Bradbury, or a complete change in our constitution it’s not going to happen.

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