Bad Shit.

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

We don’t know about you but aren’t you getting a bit pissed off with all the shit that we are having to put up with?

Every day on the web, the TeeVee, the radio, the papers and blogs, there is more and more bad shit. Shit like the government removing our freedoms, removing, with force, our ‘money’, reducing benefits from claimants, taxing folk for having a spare room, treating us as terrorists, spying on our personal communications, purposely hindering our right to travel, fracking the very ground under our homes, -no more buildings insurance for your home-, risking the poisoning of future generations, destroying ‘natural’ habitats, refusing to maintain the infrastructure we have previously paid for, covering up the criminal behavior of elected politicians, judges, police and ‘celebrities’.

We are forced, on threat of imprisonment, to pay for the ‘pederasts’ of the BBC, the Judiciary, the Commons and the Lords. Institutions where there should not be even the slightest ‘whiff’ of rumours concerning the  abuse of children. Institutions, that hold the ‘trust’ of a nation of people, reduced to the levels of criminals, deviants, perverts and Royalty. Yes Royalty. The very beings that the above criminals ‘swear’ loyalty to, the beings that bestow honours and titles upon kiddy fiddlers, rapists, nonces, beasts and murderers.

We see people imprisoned for ‘terrorist acts abroad’; men who consider themselves to be freedom fighters, fighting for a cause supported by their own Government, funded by their own Government and yet gaoled by their own Government. Ironic? Didn’t Dave Camoron want to go and bomb the shit out of Syrian Civilians a while back?

Do as we say, not as we do. Killing Brown people, that’s the job of Government, ask Tony.

” People of Britain, to be quite honest, if I could kill all the worlds poor people, there truly would be world peace.”

We see establishment figures, former Law Lords, charged with investigating other establishment figures FFS! Then deciding that there may be a conflict of interest , investigating her own brother, then running away as fast as her zimmer frame allows. A Prime Minister who employs and appoints criminals and pederasts, without background checks; although his Boss, Murdoch, probably insisted on a number of the appointees.

The establishment Church of England deciding they know better than their God. What next LGBT bishops? Muslim bishops? And where is the Ruritanian Monarch, Brenda, defender of the Faith, head of the Church, while all this is going on? Did anyone think to consult her? She swore an oath to defend the faith at her coronation, kissing the Sovereigns Bible, to uphold and maintain the Laws of God and the Protestant religion. Hmmm.

And we’re all TERRORISTS  now…

” ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello whats all this then? iPhone battery dead? You’re nicked you fuckin scumbag terrorist, never mind you’re childs’ been playing ‘Angry Birds’ on it, chokey for you… Terrorist!!! “

You couldn’t make this shit up, but hey the footballs been on to distract us all, and the Germans won…Brenda’s team.



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