I didn’t vote

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I didn’t vote in the Council Election.

I didn’t vote because, I can’t remove or elect the real power brokers in my town. Oh yes I can elect the Councillors who promise to represent me and others in the ward where I live, Councillors, who if they don’t do the job they promised to do, I and others can remove come the next council elections.

But the group of people who really run the town council, the Executive, are immune from the vagaries of elections, who cannot and must not be subject to the whims of the electorate.

This guy.

Shorn ‘arris, the Chief, as he likes to be known.

£180,000 a year +£30,000 a year pension

This guy appointed by fuck knows who, accountable to fuck knows who. I/we cannot remove him. WHY?

Why, when we are FORCED to pay for this guys pension, can we not remove him if  we are unhappy with his performance.

Could it be that he doesn’t work for Bolton Borough council, but works for a private corporation?

Could it be that all the major decisions affecting the Borough, and thus the taxpayers, are made by this guy and the board of Directors of the corporation known as Bolton Council? Could it be that the continuing privatization of services is being forced on the people of the Borough, not by the elected Councillors, but by the council directors?

I didn’t vote in the so called European Elections.

I didn’t vote because I and others can’t remove or elect the real power brokers in the EU. Oh yes I can vote for a MEP, who I have no idea who he/she is, I have no idea what they do in Brussels/Strasbourg, who don’t make the Laws the EU imposes on us, who can’t amend any of the current laws the EU imposes on us.

We can’t vote to elect or remove any EU President, EU minister or EU Commissioner. So just what is the point of voting?

Voting in any government, local government or EU election is an illusion. An illusion that the people are electing servants, public servants. All voting achieves is replacing one branch manager with another branch manager. And the only power branch managers have is to carry out the orders of the BOSSES, the OWNERS.

Who are the Bosses? The UN? NATO? The EU?

We reckon the EU is is a branch of the UN, the british government is a branch of the EU, local authorities are branches of the EU and we can’t vote for any boss in the EU, government or local authority.

Just what is the point of voting.

Of course the Owners are the big Corporations and the Banks and we certainly can’t vote to elect or remove the top guys in those organisations.

I removed my NAME from the register of electors mainly for the reasons stated above, but also to deprive the local authority of around £700 every year I’m not on the register.


  1. diasan says:

    What is the source of this 700 quid?

  2. inmate000003 says:


    Each council receives a grant from the government towards the council annual budget, the government supplies 51% of the budget, the council 49%. (Of course the Taxpayer pays for all of the council budget!) Thus the government keeps some semblance of control over council spending. This arose after the Militant Tendency took control of Liverpool council in the 1980’s and wouldn’t cut spending, so the Thatcher govt. created new rules, to rest back central control.
    The council must supply central govt. with electoral register numbers to allow the govt. to work out what the 51% figure will be. By removing your NAME from the register it deprives the council of, on average £700, this was confirmed by an FOI request to Wigan council last year.
    Thanks for the comment, you could try an FOI to your council. See if you get a similar reply.

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