Fraudulent Documents 2

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear reader please make some time to watch the following video.

It could prove to be the most informative video you will see regarding the shameful manipulation of court process, the willful disregard for procedures and the corruption of the councils/courts criminal behaviour.

Although the example used is Wigan (Borough) Council, this criminal behaviour is being carried out in every Local Authority throughout England.

This is THEFT on an unimaginable scale, millions of pounds stolen from the people, to be shared out among the private corporations who run the councils and courts.

This is deception on a grand scale, by the legally trained staff of the councils and the courts. Many of whom know that they work for private corporations, but deceive the people into believing these staff are Public Servants.

The most disturbing aspect of all is the fact that Judges, Magistrates and Justices Clerks are the ones who are controlling and running the whole scam. They never, ever follow their own rules, they never Seal or sign documents, they rent out rooms within publicly owned buildings, over to corrupt councils for profit. They never fully read complaints made against people, they just rubber stamp, thus DENYING people their inherent right to a fair hearing. They pronounce people guilty without bothering to hear the facts.

Isn’t it time we saw a few Judges, Magistrates, Justices Clerks and council CEOs in the Dock ?

Nuremberg Trials

H/T Sam Bamford


  1. Bill says:

    Another video worth watching as I feel it contains a method that will remove the cancer of corruption from our lives I just haven’t got it figured out yet I simply feel it’s within these words written and spoken…

    • inmate000003 says:

      Hi Bill

      Yes Michael is a fascinating chap and very knowledgeable. If you remember we mentioned the Rights of the indigenous Peoples in a previous posts comments. We think it is a way forward for the peoples of these Islands, just need to wake enough peeps to recognise that they are the indigenous.
      Meantime the Dignity Alliance are onto something big with their fraudulent documents campaign. It is going to bloody the noses of a number of bailiffs and policymen and a few jobs will be lost amongst the enforcers, until they get the message that they are acting outside the law on behalf of courts and councils.

      • Bill says:

        Sorry missed the indigenous peoples comments. Agreed it is the way to go though.
        To be honest we part company with the aims of the Dignity Alliance fraudulent documents campaign. I can see the desire to ‘give em a bloody nose’ but cannot see the point in asking or attempting to force the tyrant to change.

        Tyrants do not roll over simply because they are exposed for what they are. They get their jollies from the control of the people of these islands as I’m sure you are well aware. If the only way they can keep their control going is by agreeing to play the game differently, at the behest of the controlled, then all is well in hell.

        Courts and councils do not exist other than in the minds of the people who believe in them, once again something I am sure you are aware of. Courts and councils are control mechanisms and are operated by employed men and women who will go to any length to keep their position and their belief in the value of currency going.
        These are the same people who believe ownership of things is actually possible and for whom the fear of potential loss is overwhelming. I used to be one of these people.

        I cannot see beyond this very moment but I feel that the system is broken beyond repair. Perhaps it was designed to be broken so that generations could waste their lives trying to ‘fix it’ for those yet to come. As it appeared to be pre-existing when I was born I cannot say that it was definitely designed to be broken but based on all the evidence accrued over my lifetime I argue it IS designed to be broken.
        To me it is already ‘rotten on the vine’ all that is needed is a light breeze to blow it to the ground but for those that benefit from operating it the system is working better than ever.

        Men and women are more distracted than at any time in my lifetime.
        Men and women can see the problems more than at any time in my lifetime.
        Men and women are more scared and resigned to getting to the grave without the fulfilment and satisfaction of having created or enjoyed this beautiful life than at any time in my lifetime.
        Men and women are more resigned into ‘paying because that is what you are supposed to do’ and arguing ‘I cannot do anything about it so I just have to accept things could be worse’ than at any time in my lifetime.
        Men and women have handed over control of their life to the system than at any time in my lifetime.

        In conclusion each one of us has the ability within them to create their world for themselves and in doing so show others there is always another way. It isn’t a case of ‘this way is better than’ that but its simply an acceptance that no matter what the actual number of men and women who are alive at any moment is then there that many number of ways of creating a better life for themselves.

        Thanks for giving me the space to ponder. It is appreciated.

  2. inmate000003 says:


    Our thanks to you for such an excellent comment.

    As we have said in earlier discussions, we totally agree on the principles you so eloquently describe. However, for the masses to wake up to the facts you speak of will take forever, and too many are suffering at the hands of the corrupt controllers within the courts and councils right now. We cannot stand by and let more good, honest people have their lives ruined by the psychopaths who assume control.
    With the use of fraudulent documentation from the courts and councils in such huge numbers, we believe that spreading the news far and wide, then getting the enforcers into court to answer using their own corrupt system, will awaken more and more to the facts of the peoples enslavement.
    When jobs are under threat and pensions likely to be lost, the enforcers may begin to ask themselves ‘is it worth it?’ They will start to peer behind the veil and then realise what you have already discovered.

  3. Bill says:

    Further feelings…
    Fear of potential loss is the only successful method there is for keeping an individual in line. Be it government, corporation, religion, tribe, society, collective, tribe, etc fear of potential loss appears to be all powerful.

    Out of three close families of my acquaintance, people I call friend, nine are employed by the system, two are employed by other people who pay into the system and one is self employed and pays a minimum into the system. The nine have their entire lives funded by the taxation of people who are not employed within the system.
    This is a system that to me is completely out of whack. To the ones within it though they can see nothing wrong.
    They moan and whine about taxes, and the ever rising costs, the nanny state, the fact the politicians don’t care but that is all they do. The system has lulled them into self policing slavery. It had me as well, for decades.

    People like this could be shown an open gate with a huge neon EXIT sign over it with clear views of other people outside having a wonderful life and the odds are they will stay in slavery as it’s ‘just the way things are’. If one of them becomes the one who gets financially crushed by council/court/bailiff/police/debt the others will thank their ‘lucky stars’ it wasn’t them.

    The idea that ‘hang on a minute how the fuck is this right?’ or ‘when on earth did I sign up for this shit?’ never enters their heads. As long as no-one calls on them to ‘do something’ then all is well in hell.

    Once the individual becomes even remotely aware that the system is not what it’s supports purport it to be the genie is out of the bottle. Which I suppose is one reason why so many choose to stay in slavery as genies are all powerful beings that can change anything they want with a thought or a snap of the fingers and they, mere men and women, do not have such powers.

    The masses are unlikely to wake up simply because collectively they do not feel as though they are asleep. If the tyrant changes the way it operates and works more within the rules it’s people have created then all that has really changed is the tyrant is now ‘playing nice’. It’s still a tyrant but one with a smile on its face.

    You said;
    “When jobs are under threat and pensions likely to be lost, the enforcers may begin to ask themselves ‘is it worth it?’
    They will start to peer behind the veil and then realise what you have already discovered.”

    The people who enforce who lift the veil and do not like what they see will leave their enforcement employment at the earliest opportunity. They will be replaced in a flash by new enforcers who will not even be aware the veil exists or be replaced with contractors who never give a flying fuck about anything as long as he pay is right, mercenaries I think they are called. The system is self healing.

    To end this ramble.
    I stood at the foot of a long path leading across playing fields and up to a school where my sons were attendees. The school was under threat of dissolution and being replaced with a Balls Academy.
    Back then I was in the ‘hang on a minute this is corruption isn’t it?’ train of thought.
    Anyway 600 kids came running out of the school to protest in front of a small group of parents and other adults who were awake or waking up (around thirty or forty in number) and a couple of journos from the local rag.
    In the morning assembly three fourteen and fifteen year old girls said to the head enough is enough we do not want this to happen so we are walking out.
    The kids streamed onto the playing fields and I cried because I felt humbled by this action, truly humbled.
    The teaching staff were warned by their council overlord that if they took one step onto the grass beyond the car park in the direction of the protesting kids they would be dismissed. The council overlord was there looking out of the window.

    Not one of them stepped on the grass.

    That was the moment when I witnessed the power the fear of potential loss has over men and women. The penny didn’t drop immediately but when it did I cried again because it dawned on me I was also living my life under that exact same fear.

  4. inmate000003 says:


    Excellent comment and a true assessment of the fear that controls us.

    However I differ slightly from you, by virtue of the fact that an awakening of the masses is an absolute necessity to prevent more hardship being reaped upon us all. Yes some of the enforcers may walk away after peering behind the veil, but I think most won’t, due to their fear of the future without that pension, without the steady wage to pay the ‘bills’.
    As the knowledge of this high level corruption becomes more widespread the people will start to ask more serious questions of themselves and authority, just as you did at the school. Some will just accept that there is nothing to be done, but some will see the light that shines.
    I have faith that people in general are good and wish to see a fairer society where we respect one another and aid the most vulnerable without being fleeced by unjust taxation, without being cowed by the rush for profit by big GlobalCorp and without our servants- the courts and councils- seeking to remove every last ounce of our energy, just to please their paymasters, the Banks.

  5. Bill says:

    It’s good to differ as I said there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    The society that exists on these islands works feverishly, well at least the people who gain from it do, to ensure that no member of the group walks away. Numbers are required to keep the group in the manner to which it has become accustomed. Once the numbers drop below a certain level the group breaks down and goes out of existence.

    To me that is the best thing that can happen to this ‘society’. There may be some uncorrupted part of it that is worth maintaining but if there is where the hell is it hiding?
    The quickest way to fix a myriad of issues afflicting the population of these islands is to back peoples good faith and kill off taxation in all its forms. This would naturally kill of the welfare state which is the tool that keeps taxation ‘justified’ in the minds of the taxed.

    With all that extra wealth in peoples pockets we could then see people coming together to truly aid those less fortunate (or perhaps not) instead of relying on a corrupt and evil system to pretend do it.
    Personal responsibility would once again be in its rightful place and this absurd idea that men and women can only be governed by giving our power away to a third party every four years would be consigned to the dustbin of history.

    The people who work in government are not our servants. Not one of them ever does anything anyone outside of government employ tells them to do, at least that is my experience. I think the myth of the public servant is one that is hidden in plain sight and is perpetrated by the system simply to create a division in the mind.
    A county lawyer told me she works for the county council and cannot advise ‘members of the public’. So this begs the question of who owns the council?
    The lawyers employment is funded by taxation of people who believe that she is a servant of the people but in her reality is she is an employee of the council and it is ‘the council’ she answers to.

    The police constables are employed by a police authority. They regard themselves as ‘public servants. Who owns the police authority?
    The police authority is funded by the taxation of people who believe the constable is a servant of the people.
    Servants do as they are told by their employers. Try telling a police constable what to do.
    Clearly people are not employers of police constables.
    I could go on but you get my drift.

    The system is corrupt throughout. The ‘level’ it is at is irrelevant. Everyone inside the system is on the take in some form or another. It is the only way the system can function. I’ve witnessed it first hand as a government employee in my youth.
    Only yesterday Kingadbdullahkey of GOODF fame gave yet another example, on youtube, where the police authority in Nottingham paid £1500 per wearable camera which were on sale at retailers for £35 each ( before any volume discount!).
    If that isn’t corruption then I don’t know what is. No head will roll, no-one will be sacked for wasting public money, the cameras will not be returned and replaced with the cheaper option in truth bugger all will happen but ‘lessons will be learned. (the lesson learned is bugger all will happen so carry on regardless chaps)

    Expecting a deliberately designed corrupt system, staffed by people only too willing to take their piece of the pie (and their fellow workers if they get the chance) is unrealistic in my view, as I’m sure you are aware.
    How many ‘cases’ have been exposed in the past decade and still the people within the system carry on troughing and troughing while the system keeps on growing and placing ever more demands on the people without the system.
    A few do appear to get hung out to dry but the reality is they simply ‘go quiet’ and then they suddenly reappear in a different part of the system and carry on as before.

    To conclude this long series of ‘perusing in public’, thanks again Inmate for giving me the opportunity, if people could put as much energy as they do into attempting to fix a system, whose operators can see no wrong with it, into the creation of a better way of living upon this land where people are freely able to operate in good faith for the benefit of the individual and by extension the collective of individuals alive today and those yet to be born that would be the best step towards the life of abundance I am convinced we are here to create.
    With that said I wish you and your group all the best in your endeavours and fully accept that that is the path you have chosen to take.


  6. Bill says:

    Another article worth the time it take to read…

    • inmate000003 says:


      Sorry I’ve not replied sooner, been a tad busy. I do follow Rogue Male, perhaps I should add him to me blog roll, he’s a very knowledgeable and brave chap. I will endeavor to read the farmwars link.


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