Fraudulent Documents

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

We attended the first roadshow/presentation, on Saturday, of the Dignity Alliance.

The theme of the presentation was,



These documents could be anything that you good people have received from the Courts, Police, Councils, Bailiffs indeed anyone whom assumes authority over you, makes demands of you or issues  legal threats to you in any way.

The system is now so corrupt, so infested, so corporatist that the people working within it deem the culture ‘normal’. A culture brought about by the Corporations that control all the ‘back office’ functions within the courts, councils and police and the infestation of ‘common purpose’ trained staff working within them, aided and abetted by corrupt solicitors, magistrates and Judges.

There is blatant abuse of power with regards to issuing  summons’, orders and warrants by the fact of a total disregard to following their own rules, CPR. Criminal/Civil Procedure rules.

This from the website, CPR 40.2;

Standard requirements


(1) Every judgment or order must state the name and judicial title of the person who made it,


(2) Every judgment or order must –

(a) bear the date on which it is given or made; and

(b) be sealed(GL) by the court.

Must, name, judicial title, sealed by the court.

These are all rules which must be followed to make the document Official, Legal, Lawful. Without these requirements the documents could have been issued by anyone, and mostly are issued by ‘authorities’ without the legal power to do so.

Councils issue summons’ and orders and warrants for distress, pretending that they are from a court. Bailiffs write out their own warrants, pretending that they are issued by a court. Magistrates issue orders (liability orders) on behalf of councils, without the Standard Requirements of 40.2.2

The question then HAS to be asked, why would they do this? Why?

Could it be that the ‘back office’ staff don’t know the procedures?

Could it be that the Management or Directors of these ‘private for profit’ Corporations are too lazy to be bothered to tell their staff?

Could it be that there is a money making SCAM being perpetrated upon the public?

Or could it be that without the Standard Requirements of CPR 40.2, it would be very difficult to find who is ultimately responsible for the illegal, unlawful documentation?

If a Judge or Magistrate were to put his name and title and court seal to a document or order, particularly when the defendant has been ‘summarily judged’ and found guilty by a local council/authority, he would be breaching the defendants rights, the right to a fair trial, and would be liable to prosecution by the defendant.

If a bailiff was to enforce an order from a council or court by insisting that the document he had received is legal, the bailiff would be leaving himself open to a private prosecution, as he would be trying to enforce a fraudulent document, if the document did not have the Standard Requirements of CPR40.2.

There is so much more to Fraudulent Documents to report than we have space here to cover, but the people at the Dignity Alliance have filmed the presentation and will be posting it on their site when it has been edited, we’ll keep you informed.


The Dignity Alliance is a fast growing group of aware and motivated people, they are bringing together many different groups from around these islands; Freemen, Lawful Rebels, Sovereigns and the generally pissed off.

They want you to join them, to share your knowledge and experience, to come together as one loud voice. To fight the corruption within the Justice system, the Councils, the police. To hold the people who run the these establishments to account. To bring true Democracy to these islands. To force authority, Government and Councils, to act in the best interests of the people not their paymasters, The Banks.

The Dignity Alliance will be holding presentations around the country to raise awareness of the corporatisation,and corruption that is rife throughout our once trusted institutions. And seeking remedy for the most vulnerable in society.

If you feel that you wish to help, or if you have skills or qualifications that will benefit others why not become a member, contact the Dignity Alliance.


  1. Thanks for making it along to the event. 🙂 The info was hard hitting and as soon as the video is professionally editted we will have a public record of witness statements and hardcopy evidence proving the sheer scale of this fraud upon the British people. What is worrying is when dealing with the courts and officials tell us that this is now normal or standard practice. It may be but its also fraud and larceny. It is criminal conduct.

    We at the Dignity Alliance will be bringing this subject matter to the attention of ‘the authorities’ demanding that they sort it out and prosecute criminals where criminal activity has occurred. If they won’t prosecute, we will!

    The Dignity Alliance is your people’s union. Democratic, non-partisan, impartial, representative, populist and driven by love and passion of all involved. Get in touch if you want to know more or want to join with us. or snail mail to Dignity Alliance, PO Box 206, Bolton BL1 9WE.

    rob b
    Dignity Alliance

    • inmate000003 says:

      rob b

      Thanks for the comment.

      We here in the worlds largest Prison, HMP England, know that the ‘Idea’ of the Dignity Alliance is more than likely the last hope for the good people of these islands, before corporate fascism is a totality.

      The rise of Judicial Apartheid within the in-Justice system, parliament and local authorities will never be removed by lone voices of brave individuals. It will continue to be perpetrated by the MSN,the political parties and the Judiciary purely for their own benefit and their paymasters,the Big Corporations and Banks.

      It needs a seismic shift in the consciences of ordinary people, to realize that together they can be a force for the betterment of all.

      To all the naysayers who shrug their shoulders and say ‘well there’s nothing we can do is there?’ Well yes there fucking is, talk to friends and neighbours, find out what pisses them off, point them in the direction of the Dignity Alliance, read up on how you can be the change you want to see, then organise yourselves into a local branch and start a local campaign. It is at local level where the power lies.

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