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Having been forced to PAY the debt of someone else, by Bailiffs, helped by the POLICE; We have looked for redress using the Legal, Lawful, Justice system.

We have complained to the Police, we have sought legal advice, from a solicitor, we have complained to the Court.

The only advice we have received from all of the above is; “the Debt is now paid, the case is closed, … there is nothing you can do about it now.”

Despite ALL the documentation; from the original court order to the bailiffs distress warrant, having irregularities; spelling mistakes, wrong addresses, wrong registration numbers, made-up place names, dates that have not yet arrived, all of the above experts found nothing wrong with the documentation.

” Oh, they’re just TYPO’S, we get them all the time” said the police officer we spoke to last night.

“But what if the TYPO causes you to arrest the wrong man or woman?” we enquired.

“Well, yeh, ok, but we can put it right after, can’t we?” he says.

“Bit late then isn’t it?” says we. “You bust down his front door, in the early hours, drag the poor fucker out of bed, slap the ‘cuffs’ on and incarcerate him down the station.’ But it’s all ok cause we can put it right after”… WTF!

” Oh, if we know the typo is wrong we send it back, tell them it needs to be corrected. Some of these scumbags can ‘get off’ because of dodgy paperwork” says plod.

But if we complain about the paperwork we are ignored.

“…But what if someone who is NOT the debtor, who knows the paperwork is wrong, tries to stop the intruder(bailiff) from entering his property??”

“Well we will ARREST you for causing a breach of the peace.”

Just what the fuck!!!


It appears that an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle, that the powers that be no longer care if the correct ‘person’ pays the debt, as long as it is payed and the police no longer work for their employers, they work for whoever gives them their orders, ignoring their Oath of Office, to protect people and their property.

Tomorrow there is a presentation by the Dignity Alliance, covering the sordid world of


A world where Councils, Police, bailiffs, Private Corporations, Solicitors and public servants write their own ‘Official Court’ documents;summons’, liability orders, court orders, arrest warrants, distress warrants all in violation of the present laws.

We will be attending the presentation and will report back.

We think we have entered a very dangerous phase in TPTB’s desperate bid to pay-back their paymasters, the bankers. The rushing through of legislation -courts and tribunals act , bedroom tax etc. – with no thought of the consequences for ordinary people. The granting of licences for – fracking, drones, Atos, prisons, free schools, security – appear to be  panic reactions, attempts to remove as much responsibility from themselves, and pass it on to G4s, Serco, Capita etc. to allow them to blame someone else when the shit hits the fan. Or is it a more sinister agenda, a corporate Fascist takeover agenda?

It’s certainly not to reduce the tax bill, as the sour faced cow Esther McVey proclaimed

– “the average family is now paying £3000 a year less tax” –

Utter, utter bollox.

We don’t know about you, but, we see no reduction in the Tax we have paid since 2010, we see even more being stolen from us. Certainly more Council Tax and a reduction in local services, which again amounts to paying more whilst receiving less.


  1. Bill says:

    The court, the council, the police, the bailiff, the solicitor to a woman/man work for the Crown. The Crown can only act against its employees or proven fraudsters. I’m sure you are well aware of this.

    The first had is played by Crown employees informing other Crown employees a birth has occurred. These employees do not ask the mother or father for permission to do this act they do it because it is their ‘job’ to do so.

    The second hand is then played by other Crown employees who CONvince the parents to register their child. The indoctrinated parents do their duty and by a birth certificate as evidence they have done their duty. This piece of Crown property explicitly states it cannot be used for identification purposes and no-one not a soul ever asks if it cannot be used for identification what the fuck is it’s purpose?

    They then register their child at the GP clinic (GP’s are private corporations working as contractors for the Crown) thus the parents commit fraud on behalf of their child.

    It gets even worse when the parents register the kids again for a place in a state school. The parents commit fraud on behalf of their child a second time.

    The parents then claim benefits for the child committing fraud on behalf of their child for a third time.

    Hell’s teeth they even open bank accounts in their child’s name committing fraud on behalf of their child yet again. All of this is passed off as perfectly normal because everyone else is doing it.

    The Crown then dangles benefits in front of these kids as they leave state education aged 16, hell the schools even train the kids to commit fraud using the birth certificate.
    The Crown sends out a direct invitation for the child to commit fraud on the child’s sixteenth birthday, the National Insurance number, which can be used to gain Crown benefits. In fact Crown benefits are unobtainable without using the name on the birth certificate and the National Insurance number and another piece of Crown deceit a ‘registered address’

    Finally the Crown employees, parents, peers, contemporaries, the media (owned and operated by the Crown), the corporations )most likely owned and operated by the Crown) train the kids to be the signature. The ability to sign after a certain age means they are no longer a child or so the fairy tale the Crown creates goes.

    Thus the Crown, which is a deceiver par excellence, tricks parents and children alike into committing fraud by name and signature which means that whenever these proven fraudsters stop paying, miss paying, fail to pay, are accused of being in debt, accusing of breaking one of the ever growing number of Crown rules they are fucked over by the Crown except…

    There is no Crown there are just men and women who either believe it it, are paid by it or fear it.

    • inmate000003 says:


      Perfectly explained, the scam of the NAME has fooled us all for centuries, we believe that letters on a piece of paper are us, amazing isn’t it?
      I mentioned in the post a presentation by the Dignity Alliance, about Fraudulent Documents, ’twas excellent.
      The utter incompetence of the agents of the Crown defies belief, either they just don’t care about their responsibilities to the public, due to the culture of ‘fuck it, that’ll do’, or, they have genuinely never bothered to try to understand the laws they are enforcing.
      They will happily quote CPR rules all day long, to us, presumably because it says so on the computer screen in front of them, yet they don’t follow their own rules when issuing orders or paperwork to the public, with the consequences that will follow.
      People losing their Liberty, Property and regretfully their lives, all because some incompetent fucker can’t be bothered to fill in or check the paperwork.
      Come the reckoning, shares in piano wire will be the ones to have.

      • Bill says:

        Seems you and Mary are on exactly the same wavelength

        “Gilbert & Sullivan, in The Mikado, say “… let the punishment fit the crime.” THIS, and only this, is where a “jury of one’s peers” comes into play. Jurors must have the same qualities, experiences, and knowledge of the man who is accused; i.e.: knowing that no man can be charged, 1. by a legal fiction; or, 2. under Statute. That would be the end of all court cases, except claims by one man against another. Those of us who have been harmed must assemble, and do whatever is necessary to take down the insipid, stupid people who work for and protect legal fictions, and that their job is to cause us harm and loss. I often wonder if people truly grasp what types of low-lifes we all are having to deal with every damn day.

        Synchronicity is a very real phenomenon. It behoves all of us to pay close attention to them.

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