The End of all Evil

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Slaves as Enforcers

“Those who are under the influence and limitations of cultures will enforce culture’s doctrines upon others.”

“Culture teaches that morality is found in obedience, and so those who believe that authority is exercised over people will demand that their friends and neighbors behave according to culture’s will.”

The above is from this;

We received the link from our good friend Bill, who left the link in the comments of an earlier post, we apologise for only just getting round to reading the book. It is an easy read containing much wisdom, but beware reading it may may you think, and the Government wouldn’t want that would they?

Go read it, we dare you.

Then go tell your friends and neighbours to read it, they may look at themselves in a different light.

“You were born to this world with sovereignty over your mind and over your life. Your abilities to think, to feel, to learn and to love are your liberty. In you, these capacities are infinite. You have infinite worth. Evil seeks to destroy your liberty. It seeks to be in authority over you. It does not want you to have liberty. Evil seeks to destroy you so that it can use you as a puppet.”

Are we puppets? Are we Slaves?



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