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Fraudulent Documents

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We attended the first roadshow/presentation, on Saturday, of the Dignity Alliance.

The theme of the presentation was,



These documents could be anything that you good people have received from the Courts, Police, Councils, Bailiffs indeed anyone whom assumes authority over you, makes demands of you or issues  legal threats to you in any way.

The system is now so corrupt, so infested, so corporatist that the people working within it deem the culture ‘normal’. A culture brought about by the Corporations that control all the ‘back office’ functions within the courts, councils and police and the infestation of ‘common purpose’ trained staff working within them, aided and abetted by corrupt solicitors, magistrates and Judges.

There is blatant abuse of power with regards to issuing  summons’, orders and warrants by the fact of a total disregard to following their own rules, CPR. Criminal/Civil Procedure rules.

This from the website, CPR 40.2;

Standard requirements


(1) Every judgment or order must state the name and judicial title of the person who made it,


(2) Every judgment or order must –

(a) bear the date on which it is given or made; and

(b) be sealed(GL) by the court.

Must, name, judicial title, sealed by the court.

These are all rules which must be followed to make the document Official, Legal, Lawful. Without these requirements the documents could have been issued by anyone, and mostly are issued by ‘authorities’ without the legal power to do so.

Councils issue summons’ and orders and warrants for distress, pretending that they are from a court. Bailiffs write out their own warrants, pretending that they are issued by a court. Magistrates issue orders (liability orders) on behalf of councils, without the Standard Requirements of 40.2.2

The question then HAS to be asked, why would they do this? Why?

Could it be that the ‘back office’ staff don’t know the procedures?

Could it be that the Management or Directors of these ‘private for profit’ Corporations are too lazy to be bothered to tell their staff?

Could it be that there is a money making SCAM being perpetrated upon the public?

Or could it be that without the Standard Requirements of CPR 40.2, it would be very difficult to find who is ultimately responsible for the illegal, unlawful documentation?

If a Judge or Magistrate were to put his name and title and court seal to a document or order, particularly when the defendant has been ‘summarily judged’ and found guilty by a local council/authority, he would be breaching the defendants rights, the right to a fair trial, and would be liable to prosecution by the defendant.

If a bailiff was to enforce an order from a council or court by insisting that the document he had received is legal, the bailiff would be leaving himself open to a private prosecution, as he would be trying to enforce a fraudulent document, if the document did not have the Standard Requirements of CPR40.2.

There is so much more to Fraudulent Documents to report than we have space here to cover, but the people at the Dignity Alliance have filmed the presentation and will be posting it on their site when it has been edited, we’ll keep you informed.


The Dignity Alliance is a fast growing group of aware and motivated people, they are bringing together many different groups from around these islands; Freemen, Lawful Rebels, Sovereigns and the generally pissed off.

They want you to join them, to share your knowledge and experience, to come together as one loud voice. To fight the corruption within the Justice system, the Councils, the police. To hold the people who run the these establishments to account. To bring true Democracy to these islands. To force authority, Government and Councils, to act in the best interests of the people not their paymasters, The Banks.

The Dignity Alliance will be holding presentations around the country to raise awareness of the corporatisation,and corruption that is rife throughout our once trusted institutions. And seeking remedy for the most vulnerable in society.

If you feel that you wish to help, or if you have skills or qualifications that will benefit others why not become a member, contact the Dignity Alliance.




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Having been forced to PAY the debt of someone else, by Bailiffs, helped by the POLICE; We have looked for redress using the Legal, Lawful, Justice system.

We have complained to the Police, we have sought legal advice, from a solicitor, we have complained to the Court.

The only advice we have received from all of the above is; “the Debt is now paid, the case is closed, … there is nothing you can do about it now.”

Despite ALL the documentation; from the original court order to the bailiffs distress warrant, having irregularities; spelling mistakes, wrong addresses, wrong registration numbers, made-up place names, dates that have not yet arrived, all of the above experts found nothing wrong with the documentation.

” Oh, they’re just TYPO’S, we get them all the time” said the police officer we spoke to last night.

“But what if the TYPO causes you to arrest the wrong man or woman?” we enquired.

“Well, yeh, ok, but we can put it right after, can’t we?” he says.

“Bit late then isn’t it?” says we. “You bust down his front door, in the early hours, drag the poor fucker out of bed, slap the ‘cuffs’ on and incarcerate him down the station.’ But it’s all ok cause we can put it right after”… WTF!

” Oh, if we know the typo is wrong we send it back, tell them it needs to be corrected. Some of these scumbags can ‘get off’ because of dodgy paperwork” says plod.

But if we complain about the paperwork we are ignored.

“…But what if someone who is NOT the debtor, who knows the paperwork is wrong, tries to stop the intruder(bailiff) from entering his property??”

“Well we will ARREST you for causing a breach of the peace.”

Just what the fuck!!!


It appears that an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle, that the powers that be no longer care if the correct ‘person’ pays the debt, as long as it is payed and the police no longer work for their employers, they work for whoever gives them their orders, ignoring their Oath of Office, to protect people and their property.

Tomorrow there is a presentation by the Dignity Alliance, covering the sordid world of


A world where Councils, Police, bailiffs, Private Corporations, Solicitors and public servants write their own ‘Official Court’ documents;summons’, liability orders, court orders, arrest warrants, distress warrants all in violation of the present laws.

We will be attending the presentation and will report back.

We think we have entered a very dangerous phase in TPTB’s desperate bid to pay-back their paymasters, the bankers. The rushing through of legislation -courts and tribunals act , bedroom tax etc. – with no thought of the consequences for ordinary people. The granting of licences for – fracking, drones, Atos, prisons, free schools, security – appear to be  panic reactions, attempts to remove as much responsibility from themselves, and pass it on to G4s, Serco, Capita etc. to allow them to blame someone else when the shit hits the fan. Or is it a more sinister agenda, a corporate Fascist takeover agenda?

It’s certainly not to reduce the tax bill, as the sour faced cow Esther McVey proclaimed

– “the average family is now paying £3000 a year less tax” –

Utter, utter bollox.

We don’t know about you, but, we see no reduction in the Tax we have paid since 2010, we see even more being stolen from us. Certainly more Council Tax and a reduction in local services, which again amounts to paying more whilst receiving less.


Wheres the plane?

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The BBC News is broadcasting, constantly, the plight of Manchester United, its overpaid players, but especially its shareholders and the fact that the share value has gone down on the NYSE, Forfuxake.

Does anybody really care? Really?

Is this what the BBC believes we need, is this what SKY believes is news, is this what we have been reduced to?

The bloated American owners will apparently lose £50 million because the club won’t be in the fucking champions fucking league next year, boohoo, my heart bleeds, perhaps the Shaven Ape Rooney can do them a loan, the cunt can well afford it.




The End of all Evil

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Slaves as Enforcers

“Those who are under the influence and limitations of cultures will enforce culture’s doctrines upon others.”

“Culture teaches that morality is found in obedience, and so those who believe that authority is exercised over people will demand that their friends and neighbors behave according to culture’s will.”

The above is from this;

We received the link from our good friend Bill, who left the link in the comments of an earlier post, we apologise for only just getting round to reading the book. It is an easy read containing much wisdom, but beware reading it may may you think, and the Government wouldn’t want that would they?

Go read it, we dare you.

Then go tell your friends and neighbours to read it, they may look at themselves in a different light.

“You were born to this world with sovereignty over your mind and over your life. Your abilities to think, to feel, to learn and to love are your liberty. In you, these capacities are infinite. You have infinite worth. Evil seeks to destroy your liberty. It seeks to be in authority over you. It does not want you to have liberty. Evil seeks to destroy you so that it can use you as a puppet.”

Are we puppets? Are we Slaves?