Chronicles of Ruin

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you read only one blog today make it this one.

If that post doesn’t make your blood boil then you are lacking a Soul and a sense of humour, and you have abandoned your humanity to your fellow man for the excesses of Ruin; the instant gratification, the bread and circuses of TeeVee, the belief in government, the belief in truthful reporting of news by the BBC, the corruption of politicians, the belief in austerity measures and the Fascist takeover of public institutions by Global Corporations.

Call me Ishmael blog is beautifully written yet beautifully sweary. He holds no punches in his condemnation and disgust of the real villains, our betters, the we knowbesters, the police, the courts, the government, the bankers and the elites. Oh, and Brenda.

There are some absolute gems of wisdom interspersed with a dark and unforgiving, unrelenting humour. He dares to say what most of us dare not, he dares to say what most think but would never admit to thinking.

mr. Ishmael is the conscious conscience of a sleeping nation in the grip Ruin.

mr. Ishmaels’ taste in music ain’t bad either.

 Do enjoy the above linked post, don’t feel ashamed if you’re angry and if your piss is boiling…

Make time to read ALL of mr. Ishmaels’ Chronicles of Ruin.



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