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Chronicles of Ruin

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you read only one blog today make it this one.

If that post doesn’t make your blood boil then you are lacking a Soul and a sense of humour, and you have abandoned your humanity to your fellow man for the excesses of Ruin; the instant gratification, the bread and circuses of TeeVee, the belief in government, the belief in truthful reporting of news by the BBC, the corruption of politicians, the belief in austerity measures and the Fascist takeover of public institutions by Global Corporations.

Call me Ishmael blog is beautifully written yet beautifully sweary. He holds no punches in his condemnation and disgust of the real villains, our betters, the we knowbesters, the police, the courts, the government, the bankers and the elites. Oh, and Brenda.

There are some absolute gems of wisdom interspersed with a dark and unforgiving, unrelenting humour. He dares to say what most of us dare not, he dares to say what most think but would never admit to thinking.

mr. Ishmael is the conscious conscience of a sleeping nation in the grip Ruin.

mr. Ishmaels’ taste in music ain’t bad either.

 Do enjoy the above linked post, don’t feel ashamed if you’re angry and if your piss is boiling…

Make time to read ALL of mr. Ishmaels’ Chronicles of Ruin.



Self Government?

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Do we have the right to self government? Do we have the power to govern ourselves?

Do we write the Laws of the land? Do the government write the Laws of the land?

Do the government write the Laws on our behalf?

If the government write the Laws on our behalf then it must be true that we write the Laws, Yes/No?

If your answer is No, then we must live in a Democratic Dictatorship.

If your answer is Yes, then we must be able to write Laws for ourselves and our communities, that are binding upon the government.

We have been reading and watching about an interesting movement in the U.S. and A.  A movement that is taking a different approach to the usual begging and pleading to government, that doesn’t protest or march or wave placards when it sees wrongdoing by government or CORPORATIONS.

Take a look:

We think this method, creating laws for the community, is a very effective way of reigning in the power of government and corporations and re-asserting the rights and power of the people.

And the community rights group have been successful with most of the laws they have written, for implementation by their respective local governments. This is true Democracy in action.

Democracy is not putting an ‘X’ in a box every five years, it’s not voting for a pre-selected candidate, a candidate that the political parties select, one you can’t choose beforehand. Democracy is not electing a group of political animals and then allowing them to run wild in your name with your money for five years, and then electing another group with a different coloured rosette, to do exactly the same for another five years.

Are we truly insane, Since 1997 we’ve elected psychopaths to the highest political office of these lands, psychopaths who should be held accountable for the deaths of Millions of innocent people around the world.

Psychopath: Lacking in empathy, no thoughts for the feeling of others, no guilt.

Example: Tony B liar, Gordon snot Brown, Nick the boy Clegg, David CaMORON and their respective Cabinet members.

Democracy is failing us because we have allowed it to fail us, we have gifted the politicians the power to do as they please, we have allowed them to spend waste billions for the benefit of Corporations. Bank bailouts, reduction of energy production, windfarm construction, allowing the exporting of Hundreds of Thousands of productive jobs, creating millions of non-productive jobs just to buy votes.  The constant changing of the education system and the National Health Service, the castration of the armed forces- building aircraft carriers, without the aircraft to use on them- institutions that are constantly kicked from pillar to post, in the name of efficiency, cost cutting or the latest political ideology. The creation by government of thousands of NGOs and charities, paid by us, to lobby and hector the government into doing what the government was going to do anyway, it’s fucking madness.

And that most undemocratic, evil, corrupt institution of the unaccountable, the EU. The people of these islands have been subjected to an invasion, and we’ve been conquered. Not since 1066 have we been ruled, destroyed and subjugated by an invader, now nothing is safe from this plague of bureaucracy, theft of your taxes, nothing is beyond it’s reach, it’s stench permeates the very fibre of society.  None of the main political parties has any thoughts of offering to get us out of this club of the eternally malevolent, they’re all as happy as pigs in shit, big wages, big pensions, huge expenses and no fucking responsibilities, “the EU is to blame for all our ills and there’s nothing we can do about it” they whine. “Oh we’ll renegotiate the constitution of the European Union,” like fuck they will, life’s easier when you’re just an under-manager, let someone else make the big decisions, let someone else take the blame. Even the Judges pass the buck, “EU law is now supreme over English Law.” Just what the fuck is that all about? progress? is it progress to dismiss a thousand years of the evolution of Common Law?


Taking back  the power and reasserting our rights could be done on a street by street basis, talking to your immediate neighbours, finding out what really pisses them off,organise meetings of the local community, ’til you have spoken to a whole ward in your small corner of the world. It could be simple things like, the bins not being emptied regularly, failed street lighting, the condition of the roads, street cleaning, the lack of a local police presence etc. It could be more major concerns say, the closure of a community centre or the local library, the lack of local shops due to extortionate rents, the infiltration of big supermarkets and fast food outlets, the lack of maintenance or closure of parks, the limited availability of allotments. To big concerns of say, the loss of jobs or opportunity for small local businesses, Fracking and the devaluation of property in fracking areas, the inability to get home buildings insurance in soon to be fracked areas and do your area want fracking or not, it should be your choice not the councils.

Democracy is about your representatives, whether local or national, doing what your community want done, regardless of whether you voted for them or not. As we have seen over recent history, councillors and MPs follow orders handed down from on high by their party Mandarins and the EU.

Talk to your neighbours about their concerns, draft a Bill of Rights ordnance, take a vote on the Bill. If a majority want it hand it in to the local council demanding that the ordnance be written in to the council constitution, and watch them shit themselves.


Private Enforcers?

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February 2014

We attended a peaceful protest earlier in an attempt to save one of our friends, a retired,widowed Lady, from eviction from her property. Her home.

All we were asking of the Court Bailiffs was to produce a Signed court warrant and signed EX96 form. One would expect that if the bailiffs had the correct paperwork they would produce it. Wouldn’t you?

The Bailiffs arrived half an hour before the time of eviction but sat around as if waiting for the ‘official’ start time.

Eleven of ‘us’ where in attendance, standing peacefully outside the property, two bailiffs three locksmiths just down the street. Our friends spokesman (full power of attorney) asked the bailiffs for sight of the paperwork, the bailiff refused. It appeared to be a stand-off, the locksmith making phone calls, the bailiffs making phone calls. For over an hour the situation remained the same. Then…..

Over the horizon came the cavalry. Two Police Vans, two Police cars. TWENTY TWO Police OFFICERS, not Constables, OFFICERS. Tooled up and ready to rumble, ready to enforce the UNSIGNED warrant, on behalf of the bailiffs and, the BANK.

Oh, the police were ever so polite, to begin with, chatty, smiling, even praising one of the Lad’s ‘old car’, behavior we use to expect from coppers. One of them looked like a refugee from the some ‘sixties hippy commune, “been working undercover see, innit?” Undercover? looked as if he’d just crawled out from under the bed covers, unwashed, unshaven, matted shoulder length hair, a fuckin disgrace to the uniform, a complete lack of respect for the position he holds. I had to ask, ” are you a male or female, with your unkempt locks and disheveled appearance, hard to tell see?” “And did you have to borrow the hat, off someone with a bigger head, to get all that mess under it?” Of course one of his mates came over to defend him, “… no need to be rude, just lets keep this pleasant.” “And who are you to take offense on his behalf?” I asked. “Are you one of the professionally, terminally offended?” “Yes” she says, “offended on my colleagues behalf.” Do Fuck Off will you.

Then at a signal from their boss, the bailiff, the attitude of the police changed, almost as if a switch had been flicked, turning on THUG MODE. The arrival of Sergeant Thug seemed to to be that switch. Dark complexion (sun bed) , slicked hair, immaculate ‘five o’clock’ shadow, freshly pressed uniform, could have been an icon/ poster boy for the GAY police officers association, a don’t fuck with me kinda guy, I’ll show you fucking peasants whose in charge here kinda guy, a no-nonsense shoot to kill kinda guy. A Gay Judge Dredd kinda guy. CUNT.

Up the drive they march shoving people out the way, even stole the camera off of the ‘Official community press’ man. There was no stopping them, a ‘blitzkrieg’ of Black boots and Hi-Viz, making way for the bailiff and the locksmith to ‘just do their job’. In they rush all of ’em, as if its some drugs bust, some manhunt for Osama bin liner. Trampling all before them, no decency, rifling through rooms and cupboards, don’t give afuckingshit, don’t care that everything inside are the treasured possessions of a lifetimes work. “Na, fuckem, don’t pay your debts on time, ‘syour own fuckin fault, it all belongs to us now.”

“Is this what we asked for? Is this what we deserve?

Warrants without a signature of liability, police acting on the orders of a BANK, where are we heading, indeed where have we arrived?

The Locksmiths then proceed to remove all the windows and doors, to replace them with perforated steel plates. Just whats needed, wind and rain pouring in to ruin a perfectly good house, I despair.