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Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Are we the Judean People’s Front or the People’s Front of Judea?

“We should be united against the common enemy”

I know, like many others, that things are very wrong and that the government, far from being part of the solution, is seemingly, the cause of the problem.

I and most others don’t need convincing that things need to be done urgently.

Just under a year ago, I found out that there are an endless number of groups, movers and shakers, freeman movements and the like, providing great information, to expose the problems we’re facing. There are equally as many groups offering solutions. Those groups of intelligent, well researched and well-meaning people are fighting tooth and nail to convince us, the sheeple, to join their solution. I can understand their frustration when all they get in return is what seems like apathy; after all, they are so convinced they have the answer to our problems. They are most likely right. So are the other groups. Could it be that herein lies the problem?

Far from being apathetic, most of us will listen to those small groups and their ‘leaders’ very carefully. We, for the majority, agree their product is good, but just like when you go to test drive a VW, in the back of your mind you know you also need to have a go in an Audi. Both are good. Eventually you’ll end up keeping your old car because most of the time it still works.

Could too much choice be detrimental?

It has been said that, to overthrow the current government of any country, all that is needed is for 10% of the population to participate.

What if it could be done with less?

We have established that we need numbers, after all, might is right. The numbers are there but people are constantly being pulled from one worthy direction towards another. We hear such things as “Our group is better than that group because we really seriously look at using the existing system” or We believe the only way is going back to common law”; all of which have their merits when you are new to this and become aware that change is paramount.

Equally, when you don’t have the time and/or the brain power to analyse law dictionaries and books published over 200 years ago, we the ‘sheeple’ know that we will eventually have to put our faith into credible groups.

But which ones?

United against the common enemy

Roger Hayes had over 400 people turning up at one meeting in Stoke on Trent. How many would have turned up in London, Liverpool or Manchester? John Harris can fill up rooms in a blink of an eye. The UK Column has over 6,000 subscribers. Chunky Mark has over 30,000. Christopher Spivey claims millions of hits each month on his website. The People’s Voice was recently launched and has already over 12,000 subscribers. How about all of those at The Community Press Group and its members?

I understand that many of the same people will be following one or more of those guys, but not all, and there are many more groups, sites, radio and TV channels to name and many more potentially ‘awake’ subscribers to harvest.

Can you imagine the numbers of followers that would make if from this petrie dish became a group of united and focused ‘leaders’?

In the meantime, some groups are writing and rewriting Charters and Human Rights declarations with a twist of Magna Carta and a pinch of the Bill of Rights. Would it be insolent to call this re-inventing the wheel?

The principle of common law worked for centuries. The reason things don’t work anymore is because we the ‘sheeple’, whilst we were too busy not paying attention, let corruption take over. Corrupt people create unnecessary laws, statutes, legislation, rules and regulations to cage us into a common-sense voided submission.

Going back to the basic rules which worked so well for previous generations may be an easier way to go about things and might also be an easier approach to sell to most of us.

Those ‘born leaders’, are seemingly, working individually of each other, trying tirelessly to unite us. Realistically, how is this going to work? As ‘leaders’, they need to work together if they want to have any chance at uniting those of us that are ‘awake’. Blaming people who are not prepared to blindly follow is just not going to cut it, nor is knocking David Icke or Alex Jones, mocking the Freemen, or those who want to play the system at their own games.

I have heard on numerous occasions ‘awake people slagging off these and other well known ‘truthers’. Time is of the essence, and digging at each other over matters we could all agree on isn’t terribly constructive. Let’s face it we won’t agree on everything, all of the time.

Joining new ‘parties / unions / groups / junta / co-operatives’, ‘taking over local governments and / or government all together’ takes some getting used to, as far as following and supporting ideas. It is not easy to just choose a camp. At the moment in the UK we have a coalition government; even those heartless barstewards, know that you have to unite to conquer. It makes it much easier for them to divide us when they are united!

Can those groups achieve what they want independently of each other?


Could they be too overprotective of ‘their’ ideas? I’d like to think that ego has nothing to do with it. It would just be counter-productive. If that was the case we would be much better off with just getting rid of government with no other solution for the time being than dispersing our energy in many directions.

The Belgian people had no government for almost 2 years and the country is still there, the people survived it just fine. Sadly, now they have to suffer a gang of corporate minions, but don’t we all…

To all the freedom and justice ‘leaders’ out there, rest assured that most of us already admire your work, your determination, your passion and your knowledge that you have shared selflessly. We are all ready to follow your guidance and have never been so determined to join something better but you need to unite amongst yourselves to form something universally identifiable – make it good, make it big. Make it easier for all of us to help you along that campaign.

This movement needs to be bought by all, at every level. We are eager to participate and to sell it to our sleepy neighbours, our narrow-minded family, our dismissive friends and in the meantime we will, no doubt, keep tenaciously spreading our truths to the sleeping giant whenever an opportunity arises, but please, arm us with a common message coming from a strong, united, and most of all, credible leadership with a clearly identifiable theme, message and cause.

Not all of us are natural ‘leaders’ – the rest of us, the ‘awake sheeple’ are however right beside you and ready for a non-violent and peaceful uprising.



  1. Glenn fox says:

    Nice one mate

    • inmate000003 says:

      Yes, it is a good post. The Lady who wrote it has obviously looked at our movement with a critical eye and, I think her views represent the majority of the ‘rebels’ out there.

      Ta for the comment.

  2. Very, very good.

    I started out being a Freeman, then I entered Lawful Rebellion, and now I am an anarchist.

    I sent out affidavits which were ignored and I notified Brenda that I was no longer a subject of hers nor a citizen of the UK or the EU, she ignored me as well.

    Nowadays I am my own man. I say no whenever possible, and my mission is to be a pain in the arse to the state, and its minions. It is not as difficult as people imagine.

    More and more people I come across are developing the idea and are also starting to say no. To question the status quo.

    We live in a manufactured world, where the price of everything is manipulated. Petrol, electricity, bread, milk, bank charges, interest rates, houses, cars, even currency exchange rates. For several hundred years now, the elites (or self-styled elites) have re-written laws to suit them, not us, the great unwashed. And I say “So what?”. They are just words on paper. You can write your own words on paper to make them go away. I have now done this dozens of times and so far, no ninjas have attacked at dawn to take me away, screaming and kicking.

    You remove their power by telling them that you are the most powerful being on earth. And you are. We all are. We are one step down from God. (Or, if you are not religious, a Creator).

    That is the true awakening. Not realising that MPs are charlatans, fraudsters and thieves. Not realising that the police have no more power than you possess yourself.

    But realising that there is no hero charging in to save you. Waiting for a hero is futile.

    Look in a mirror. There is your hero. There is the man/woman coming to save you.


    • inmate000003 says:


      Can’t fault a word you said, ’tis an honour to have you comment at this backwater of the blogosphere.
      Our guest is a recently awakened one, and sees as I have, that fellow rebels without your knowledge or balls can fall at the first hurdle and become disgruntled or fearful.
      You may have read an earlier post of ours, ‘union’, that proposes the truly awakened rebels come together and pool their knowledge in defense of everyone of these islands. Yes we would be in and part of the system, but it is felt that without re-booting the system, from within, from the inside, many will suffer.
      We have seen and have known many who have lost everything and have thought that the only way to make it go away is to take their own life. Walking away one at a time is not the option for many.

      I, like you, see Anarchy as the only way to true freedom, but, as you well know the beast will not leave us alone, it cannot, it dare-not, it would sooner destroy us, as violence and the threat of violence is all it knows.

      Cheers Newsy

  3. Bill says:

    “No, the world is NOT sleeping any more. The alarm clock has gone off, and it’s time to get up!”

  4. inmate000003 says:

    Awesome link.

    Hows about we the people of these islands make a Declaration to claim this;
    That would stir up some shitstorm

  5. Bill says:

    More eye opening or better still ‘smelling salts’ for the soul shit revealing the simplicity of the illusion.

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