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A good friend of ours, a beautiful, feisty, generous Lady today lies in a hospice, perhaps days from the end of her life.

After months of being fobbed off by her GP for complaining of pain in her leg, and being prescribed painkillers, finally, eventually the GP agreed to send ‘our friend’  to see a a specialist. Three weeks is all she had to wait, three weeks of constant pain. Her Husband insisted that he would pay to go private, two days later they see the specialist, two days after she is given a scan.

Choices eh?

Over the Christmas period ‘our friend’ is taken into hospital, she is informed that she has Cancer in her bones and in her lung “…and that there is nothing that can be done to ‘cure’ her.”  They can give her Chemo and Radiotherapy, but, it will only prolong the inevitable.

Our friend didn’t want their treatment, their poison, she would prefer to try a natural treatment administered by her Husband – a treatment they had both researched over many years –  with a little help from the NHS. Of course the NHS said that they couldn’t be involved in any ‘un-licensed’, non-Pharma approved treatment, couldn’t put a canular into a vein, although the NHS wouldn’t stand in their way if our friends treatment was administered orally.

When our friend’s Husband asked their GP if he would help them with the canular the answer was NO, when he asked friends, friends of more than twenty years, who where capable and trained for help with the canular, the answer was NO. “If the authorities find out we’ll be struck off, its against the rules, sorry we’d like to help but…you know how it is”

So our frends choices are, Die with pain management, Die with pain management and poison coursing through her body or Die in intollarable Pain.

Not much of a Choice is it?

But there was one more choice. The NHS could have helped, they could have fitted a permanent canular to enable our friends Husband to give her the treatment she CHOSE.

But Noooooo! the National Death Service can’t allow you to have a CHOICE, not when ministers are in the pay of Big- Pharma, not when Big-Pharma are the only ones to be given Licences, not while Charities can pore endless amounts of your money into NOT finding a cure for Diseases, not while the GPs hold the purse strings. No, either you accept what the NHS has to offer or you can just Fuck Off and DIE, the NHS knows best.

What if our friend had received the help she asked for from the NHS, what if the natural treatment had prolonged her life a little longer, oh we’re not saying it would have cured her, it might have, might not, but we’ll never know. We’ll never know because the ‘Cat would be out of the bag’ if the natural treatment had had some effect.

Not a lot to ask for, to make your own choices, is it? After all we are adults aren’t we?

All that our friend  and Her Husband wanted was to make their own choices, in the hope that they could spend a few more precious moments together.

Thats all, choices.


  1. Bill says:

    Doing the right thing is an alien concept to those who live in fear of authority and for those who earn some coin from kowtowing to authority the right thing is evil incarnate and must be avoided.

  2. inmate000003 says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    What really pisses me off, is the fact that the experts addmitted that they could do nothing for our friend, other than Chemo, that would have given her perhaps a few weeks of vomiting and illness, weakness and the end result is still the same. If they had helped, by fitting a canular, enabling her to take the natural medicine, those few short weeks could have been a little more comfortable, but the end result is inevitable.
    You are right, its not doing the right thing that matters any more, its treating everyone the same, so that targets can be met and they don’t upset Big Pharma. The pharmacuticals still want there MONEY right up until your death, and wo’ betide if a natural product gives some benefit. Arseoles they lot of ’em.

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