Sick of it?

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sick of being treated like some cash cow?

Sick of being treated by ‘authority’ as if we’re slaves, slaves to a system we have no control over whatsoever?

Sick of being forced to pay for politicians we have no control over whatsoever?

Sick of being forced to pay for politicians’ to send the military running around the world bombing, maiming and killing?

Sick of ‘corporations’ having ‘rights’, rights that have been removed from men and women?

Sick of being shit on by ‘foreign bureaucrats’ we have no control of whatsoever?

Sick of the Monarch, Government, Police, Courts and Councils ignoring the very Laws that grant them their ‘authority’?

Sick of ‘public servants’ not serving the public?

Sick of having to continue paying for infrastructure that has been paid for many times over?

Sick of paying interest on a debt that is not of our making?

Sick of being lied to by politicians…daily?

Sick of the police pretending they work for us, when all the while they protect their masters, the politicians, from us?

Sick of the constant lies and propaganda from the so called independent media?

Sick of being harassed and lied to by the pro-government bullies of the BBC?

Sick of being forced to pay for ‘fake’ charities?

Sick of being ruled by an elite group of parasites whose ‘opinions’ suddenly become ‘LAW’, as if they have some kind of DIVINE right?


Sick of Law enforcers who don’t understand why they enforce the rules ‘they’ don’t understand?

Sick of the ‘scum’ who buy debt, then inflict as much pain and misery as they possibly can on the so called ‘debtors’?

Sick of being  chattel of the crown? Just who/what is the fucking crown?

Sick of a monarch who hasn’t done her duty, won’t do her duty and probably never will, whilst the majority fawn and bow, beg and scrape in the misguided belief that if they ‘tug their forelock’ enough she will make things better, she will bring ‘her’ government under control, she will truly represent the sovereignty of ‘her’ people?

Sick of Banksters?

Sick of paying the local council Chief Executive more in pension contributions than you earn in a year?

Sick of being TAXED for living in a home that is not liable for TAX?

Sick of being told what you can/cannot eat, drink, smoke?

Sick of being constantly blamed by politicians for all the problems the politicians have created?

We are.

But apart from all of the above we are as happy as pigs in shit and hoping you dear reader have a wonderful New Year.


UPDATE: We may take a closer at some of the above to see if we can’t improve our lot, to see if we can step away from the idiocy that surrounds us.

  1. Bill says:


    PCSO who pulled over a driver was then arrested HIMSELF for being twice the drink-drive limit by police officers he called for back-up

  2. Bill says:

    Inmate here is a snippet from a local rag which may be of assisstance

    “A BARROW burglar who attempted to take metal piping from an empty flat has been ordered to carry out unpaid work.

    Ian McDonald, 40, of Longway, pleaded guilty to burglary from a property other than a dwelling when he appeared at Furness Magistrates’ Court yesterday.”

    Property other than a dwelling which was actually…

    “Police responded to a call after residents heard noises coming from an abandoned flat in Adelphi Court, Barrow, on December 5 last year.”

    • inmate000003 says:

      Sorry for the late reply, happy new year to you and yours.
      Darwinism yeh! or what goes around comes around?

      Property other than a dwelling? Hmmm. Wonder what that’s called?

      Had a great ‘discussion’ with a ‘drone’ from HMRC, a valuation officer, yesterday. She admitted to never having read the LGFA Act 1992 and was “just doing her job” She said a dwelling is a dwelling because that is what her BOSS had told her. When I told her that was the excuse the Nazi’s had used at Nuremberg, but they hanged the fuckers anyway, she looked quite shocked.
      She seemed to be slowly coming round to the idea that she should be at least questioning what laws she was enforcing, and asked for some ‘info’ regarding the LGFA Act 1992.
      Maybe she will open at least one eye, we can only hope.

  3. Bill says:

    Inmate et al
    Download this e-book. It’s words brought me clarity and hopefully it will do the same for you.

    • inmate000003 says:


      Thanks for the link I will endeavor to read it.

      At the moment I have become enthralled by a book that ‘found’ me. The Controversy of Zion, by Douglass Reed, I feel sure our friend Harbinger will have read it, although I am a third of the way through it I am not sure I should finish it.

  4. Bill says:

    The problem I personally have with any history, even my personal history, is it’s coloured by two things, What I experience ‘in the now’ and what version of history the brain decides to produce. I know Harbinger sees solutions by studying the past and that might be a path which brings him satisfaction and good luck to him but it isn’t a path I can follow.

    To me the only time there ever is is now and it is what you feel, think and do in the now is all there can ever be.
    Here’s a tiny video which makes perfect sense to me because I feel fighting the system gives the system a validity it does not deserve.

    I’ve said for years that turning up in London or any big town or city to ‘protest’ against something is a waste of time and effort because the system has set the infrastructure in place to deal with mass protest. In effect it justifies the existence of the system to those who gain from the operation of the system. It confirms people fear it and as we both know the system is totally reliant on fear.

    Letting go of fear and the desire to seek retribution is not easy, at least it hasn’t been for me. I still occasionally toy with the idea of taking the banksters to the small claims court to get some cash back but then I come to my senses and remember paper currency is simply debt notes and although debt knows can currently be exchanged for ‘things’ my time on earth is finite and there are more satisfying things to spend it on.

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