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As many out there have found, taking on the POWERS THAT BE can be costly. Although we only participate in peaceful Civil Disobedience, Non-Conformity and Lawful Rebellion.

Many have suffered Financially, either through heavy fines, loss of property or liability orders.

Many have suffered Physically, through loss of Liberty.

Many have suffered Mentally, due to the pressure of threats of violence from Government, Councils, Courts, the Police, Bailiffs and Debt collection Agents.

Many have lost their homes, due to Banks, Councils, Courts, Police and Bailiff corruption and collusion.

And yes, many have succumbed to these pressures by taking their own lives.

We know that many,many brave individuals have trodden down the path that we now travel,we won’t name them here but you know who you are, making our travels a little easier,though at times it can still seem a lonely road.

Well from now on we are not alone. From now on we will have our own UNION. No, not like the Trade Unions, more like Amnesty International but not exactly the same, not like the lobby groups that infest Westminster with their single agenda that benefit only them, but a lobby group with everyone’s interest at its Heart.

A National UNION lobbying on Local matters, for local people, all over these Islands.

Pressuring Local Authorities, not just with one lone voice, but with the backing of thousands of local people. Bringing the Local Councils, Local Councillors, Local MPs, Local Chief Constables into line, making them understand what it feels like to be under the watchful, discerning, constant gaze of maybe a million pairs of eyes. Imagine the impact of a single question asked to one of ‘OUR’ public servants, but with the backing of a million members. Imagine the bargaining power we could have with the Utility companies come the next ’round’ of energy price rises. Imagine a Judge faced with a gallery of UNION members backing some high powered barrister defending/prosecuting on behalf of the UNION, a barrister who believes in us and what our union stands for – The Dignity of all men and women – and an end to JUDICIAL APARTHEID.

Imagine your MP, come the next General Election, we could go knocking on his constituency office door, with a whole raft of questions and observations about his time in ‘office’. Would he/she be able to squirm out of answering to a few thousand local union members, it could be the difference between re-election and life in the real world.

The UNION will be non-political, non-religious, though members will be welcome to their political or religious beliefs. The UNION will defend and protect our rights and freedoms wherever those rights and freedoms are breached or violated and it will do so with the backing of thousands of knowledgeable members.

If you like the idea of a union of Dignified, Honourable, Lawful Men and Women defending each others Rights and Freedoms, join us. The UNION will need people with skills, energy and determination; researchers, forensic accountants, IT guys, people with experience of Law (non- freemasons), finance and of course Foot Soldiers delivering pamphlets and news letters. Maybe you would be interested in becoming a Branch Organiser, to help serve your local community.

Over the coming weeks there will be a draft Constitution written by the founding members.

We will keep you up-dated






Sick of it?

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sick of being treated like some cash cow?

Sick of being treated by ‘authority’ as if we’re slaves, slaves to a system we have no control over whatsoever?

Sick of being forced to pay for politicians we have no control over whatsoever?

Sick of being forced to pay for politicians’ to send the military running around the world bombing, maiming and killing?

Sick of ‘corporations’ having ‘rights’, rights that have been removed from men and women?

Sick of being shit on by ‘foreign bureaucrats’ we have no control of whatsoever?

Sick of the Monarch, Government, Police, Courts and Councils ignoring the very Laws that grant them their ‘authority’?

Sick of ‘public servants’ not serving the public?

Sick of having to continue paying for infrastructure that has been paid for many times over?

Sick of paying interest on a debt that is not of our making?

Sick of being lied to by politicians…daily?

Sick of the police pretending they work for us, when all the while they protect their masters, the politicians, from us?

Sick of the constant lies and propaganda from the so called independent media?

Sick of being harassed and lied to by the pro-government bullies of the BBC?

Sick of being forced to pay for ‘fake’ charities?

Sick of being ruled by an elite group of parasites whose ‘opinions’ suddenly become ‘LAW’, as if they have some kind of DIVINE right?


Sick of Law enforcers who don’t understand why they enforce the rules ‘they’ don’t understand?

Sick of the ‘scum’ who buy debt, then inflict as much pain and misery as they possibly can on the so called ‘debtors’?

Sick of being  chattel of the crown? Just who/what is the fucking crown?

Sick of a monarch who hasn’t done her duty, won’t do her duty and probably never will, whilst the majority fawn and bow, beg and scrape in the misguided belief that if they ‘tug their forelock’ enough she will make things better, she will bring ‘her’ government under control, she will truly represent the sovereignty of ‘her’ people?

Sick of Banksters?

Sick of paying the local council Chief Executive more in pension contributions than you earn in a year?

Sick of being TAXED for living in a home that is not liable for TAX?

Sick of being told what you can/cannot eat, drink, smoke?

Sick of being constantly blamed by politicians for all the problems the politicians have created?

We are.

But apart from all of the above we are as happy as pigs in shit and hoping you dear reader have a wonderful New Year.


UPDATE: We may take a closer at some of the above to see if we can’t improve our lot, to see if we can step away from the idiocy that surrounds us.