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 Follow up to the earlier post.

You may remember that we sent an ‘order’ to the court demanding they accept that their recent order is void due to the fact that the court had failed to follow ‘due process’, within the Notice was a condition that they must rebut our demand, otherwise the ‘parties’ are in agreement.

Well, the court has returned the Notice, complete with the court ‘stamp’, the court have failed to rebut a single word of the Notice. So what does this mean?

We think that the court knows it was wrong in issuing summary judgement, in upholding a PCN, a clear breach of the rights of the individual, and has fully accepted it was wrong. Will this be an end to this matter? We don’t think so!

We think that there is more to this PCN business than the courts and councils are telling us, we think PCNs are a scam and the courts are in on the scam.

The PCN was issued by the local council, who then issued threats. When we wrote to the council explaining that they were breaching our rights in demanding money, the council applied to the court asking the court to ‘register’ the PCN/fine and to inform us of this ‘registration’. Evidently it is not the court who issue the fine, hold a trial, find you guilty and issue a judgement, it is the council that fine, judge and enforce their judgement by the use of ‘debt collection agents’. Is this how the Law is supposed to work?

The councils have gained authority to fine, Judge and issue orders, including Liability Orders, in fact anything they fucking well feel like doing, we think from the Localism Act 2011. This obscene piece of shit is virtually an enabling act for the council to do anything it pleases.


Local authority’s general power of competence

(1)A local authority has power to do anything that individuals generally may do.
(2)Subsection (1) applies to things that an individual may do even though they are in nature, extent or otherwise—
(a)unlike anything the authority may do apart from subsection (1), or
(b)unlike anything that other public bodies may do.
(3)In this section “individual” means an individual with full capacity.
(4)Where subsection (1) confers power on the authority to do something, it confers power (subject to sections 2 to 4) to do it in any way whatever, including—
(a)power to do it anywhere in the United Kingdom or elsewhere,
(b)power to do it for a commercial purpose or otherwise for a charge, or without charge, and
(c)power to do it for, or otherwise than for, the benefit of the authority, its area or persons resident or present in its area.

It would appear that our Rights have been trashed if we consent to this National Socialist/Marxist Fascist abomination.

Go listen to the boys at Lawful Rebellion; http://www.lawfulrebellion.org/2013/10/23/void-orders/

We now wait to see what the next move by the council will be.


  1. Bill says:

    Here’s the problem with councils and by councils I am referring to the paid drones, the executive drones and those who put themselves up for election believing they can change things, earn a decent wedge from expense, gain influence, taste power

    From here

    From the councils ‘press’ department

    “The Government’s austerity agenda is to cut even further into the services delivered by councils in Cumbria, following the announcement of the Local Government Finance Settlement.”

    From Cllr Jo Stephenson, Cumbria County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Resources

    “We are in an extremely challenging position as the Government takes a big bite out of our budget and we need to look long and hard at everything we do and whether it is a statutory function or not.”

    Either they are deluded, thick as shit, incompetent, pathological liars, ostriches or they are attempting to protect pension/income/power but the truth is COUNCILS ARE THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT!

  2. inmate000003 says:

    “Either they are deluded, thick as shit, incompetent, pathological liars, ostriches or they are attempting to protect pension/income/power but the truth is COUNCILS ARE THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT!”

    EGGFUCKINGZACTLY, councils are the bullies, enforcers, front line brain-dead drones of the EU; the real government of these islands. The executive of each council know this perfectly well, the desk jockeys and administrators maybe not, but all carry out their persecution and subjugation of the very people they should be serving, and couldn’t give two fucks.

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