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We came across a post at the Lawful Rebellion site discussing the subject of Void Orders http://www.lawfulrebellion.org/2013/10/

We found this very interesting, so much so that we are trying this method in an attempt to see if the ‘court’ understands the laws it is enforcing.

In this country we have a Law called the Bill of Rights 1689, apparently this Law is one of the foundations of our Constitution. Constitution? …we don’t have a Constitution, do we? Well yes we do, who’da thought!

If  we read the Bill of Rights 1689 we see that there are Oaths to be sworn by Lords, MPs, Judges and the monarch herself, Brenda. There are things in these Oaths like, not allowing those dodgy foreigners any authority in this Realm. EU? Like not allowing the Pope any power in this Realm. Not allowing the monarch to rule by divine right, good eh? There’s also mention of some of the Rights of the people, like; the Government are not allowed to inflict cruel and unusual punishments on the people; and that the government can’t demand ‘Fines’ or ‘Forfeitures’ of ‘persons’ without recourse to a court of Law. ( OK, leaving aside the meaning of ‘persons’, we don’t know whether ‘persons’ meant the same then as it does now). Without recourse to a court of Law? what’s that mean?

Well we think it means to be held accountable for any alleged offence before a ‘Jury of your peers’. So where does ” Summary Judgement” come in to ‘without recourse to a court of law’. It doesn’t! So parking fines, traffic fines, speeding fines, liability orders, late payment fines (HMRC), not filling in forms fines for the Census, voting register, DVLA etc. Indeed any fine or punishment issued ‘without recourse to a court of law’  is a breach of the Bill of Rights 1689.

Not only a breach of Rights but ‘case law’ says any Judgement made unlawfully is VOID, and that means void from the beginning.    Go take a look at this Lady’s site for examples of case law from such luminaries as Lord Denning.  http://thelioness.co.uk/voidorders.php

  e.g. “A void order results from a ‘fundamental defect’ in proceedings (Upjohn LJ in Re Pritchard (deceased) [1963] 1 Ch 502 and Lord Denning in Firman v Ellis [1978] 3 WLR 1) or from a ‘without jurisdiction’/ultra vires act of a public body or judicial office holder (Lord Denning in Pearlman v Governors of Harrow School [1978] 3 WLR 736)”

Well, the way we see it is; if the courts/councils have breached our Rights by fining us ‘without recourse to the law’ well they have issued a VOID order and, if an order is VOID it is VOID from the beginning, the moment the ticket was slapped on your car, the moment they issued the liability order, the moment the speed camera flashed and they sent you a PCN.

We’ve sent orders to the court telling them to amend their orders and to inform the claimants that the original orders are VOID. We’ll see what happens and let you dear reader know what the court says.



  1. Bill says:

    This lady nails it in 10 minutes.

    • inmate000003 says:

      Hi Bill

      Thanks for the video, just watched it, I find this one a goody too.

      I fancy our mate ranty would enjoy watching this Lady.

      • Bill says:

        Sent him the links last week. She does make the point rather better than I could that there is nothing within the current system for the individual or the majority. It really is a dead man walking or rather stumbling.

  2. inmate000003 says:


    Yes, she is bloody good and a mate of the ‘man’ Larken Rose. If the message was put out there in the mainstream she would stir up some shit.
    It must now be our duty to spread this far and wide.
    We both know that it is immposible to awaken the masses by trying to persuade them by, giving them facts, or explaining their rights, the masses have to ‘find’ this message for themselves, we just have to put this message in a place where they are looking.
    There is no danger to being an ‘Outlaw’.

  3. Bill says:

    Here’s one way to leave the current system withering on the vine..

    • inmate000003 says:


      Thanks for the video,I did watch all of it, but I was lost within the first minute. Being a Luddite my limits only reach as far as mechanical ‘stuff’, hammers and spanners are my chosen tools.
      “Repair and despair all under one roof” as my favourite T-shirt says.

      • Bill says:

        If I may…
        It’s not about repair and despair. It’s about open sourcing life. There is no need for ‘proprietary’ or brand. They are both illusions. True the two French guys talking threw me but then if they heard my French they too would be thrown.
        Government is a proprietary brand. (Preaching to the choir) that is one way to live life by, but it is only one way.
        Going open source means you rely on and cooperate with yourself, then those you hold dear, then those you trust followed by those you have yet to meet who you feel you can trust.

        Seeking out your needs, wants and solutions outside of government is the way ahead in my opinion. This is to my mind exactly what Josie is banging on about.
        As you know the people who operate government can only make demands on the name by using other people, who will take the governments currency in payment for their finite time, to make the initial demand and the ubiquitous enforcement that accompanies every demand made.

        With apologies for having the audacity to presume an explanation is required.

  4. inmate000003 says:

    Sorry, I was taking the video to literally. I fully agree with you, ‘outside’ is the only option, Josie is correct. Hopefully many people will find her message.
    We are having a bit of fun with the drones who follow orders at Burnley courthouse. Although the court itself has not made a judgement or order ‘yet’, the drones are under the impression that ‘they’ can enforce a fine issued by the plod.
    We are addressing all correspondence to the Man/Woman/Drone who writes the threatening letters. We think the drones are slowly getting it. 🙂
    Repair and despair are the words on a T-shirt for the ‘Busted knuckle’ garage, nothing more.

    No apologies needed at all.

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