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We came across a post at the Lawful Rebellion site discussing the subject of Void Orders

We found this very interesting, so much so that we are trying this method in an attempt to see if the ‘court’ understands the laws it is enforcing.

In this country we have a Law called the Bill of Rights 1689, apparently this Law is one of the foundations of our Constitution. Constitution? …we don’t have a Constitution, do we? Well yes we do, who’da thought!

If  we read the Bill of Rights 1689 we see that there are Oaths to be sworn by Lords, MPs, Judges and the monarch herself, Brenda. There are things in these Oaths like, not allowing those dodgy foreigners any authority in this Realm. EU? Like not allowing the Pope any power in this Realm. Not allowing the monarch to rule by divine right, good eh? There’s also mention of some of the Rights of the people, like; the Government are not allowed to inflict cruel and unusual punishments on the people; and that the government can’t demand ‘Fines’ or ‘Forfeitures’ of ‘persons’ without recourse to a court of Law. ( OK, leaving aside the meaning of ‘persons’, we don’t know whether ‘persons’ meant the same then as it does now). Without recourse to a court of Law? what’s that mean?

Well we think it means to be held accountable for any alleged offence before a ‘Jury of your peers’. So where does ” Summary Judgement” come in to ‘without recourse to a court of law’. It doesn’t! So parking fines, traffic fines, speeding fines, liability orders, late payment fines (HMRC), not filling in forms fines for the Census, voting register, DVLA etc. Indeed any fine or punishment issued ‘without recourse to a court of law’  is a breach of the Bill of Rights 1689.

Not only a breach of Rights but ‘case law’ says any Judgement made unlawfully is VOID, and that means void from the beginning.    Go take a look at this Lady’s site for examples of case law from such luminaries as Lord Denning.

  e.g. “A void order results from a ‘fundamental defect’ in proceedings (Upjohn LJ in Re Pritchard (deceased) [1963] 1 Ch 502 and Lord Denning in Firman v Ellis [1978] 3 WLR 1) or from a ‘without jurisdiction’/ultra vires act of a public body or judicial office holder (Lord Denning in Pearlman v Governors of Harrow School [1978] 3 WLR 736)”

Well, the way we see it is; if the courts/councils have breached our Rights by fining us ‘without recourse to the law’ well they have issued a VOID order and, if an order is VOID it is VOID from the beginning, the moment the ticket was slapped on your car, the moment they issued the liability order, the moment the speed camera flashed and they sent you a PCN.

We’ve sent orders to the court telling them to amend their orders and to inform the claimants that the original orders are VOID. We’ll see what happens and let you dear reader know what the court says.





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Just where the the Fuck was this mentioned in the Coalition of Death’s Manifesto?


This was pinned up on the notice board at the GP Surgery, I asked the GP why this intrusion into Personal Data and Confidential Medical information was being allowed. Of course he didn’t know. He said he wasn’t happy about it but, “…there’s nothing I can do is there?” Well yes, there is. Tell the HSCIC to go Fuck themselves! What are they going to do to you? Sack you? You’re a Doctor FFS, you’ve sworn an Oath to keep these things secret.

‘It may be sold on or used by other companies’ What? What? No, this is Private information, what happened to the RIGHT to privacy?

‘The practice has NO  choice but to release this data’, yes,yes it does, say NO to releasing the data, say NO to it being sold, it’s not YOURS to sell. Tell them you have respect for your patients privacy. IDIOTS.

Son of Satan Blair and The Brown Gorgon were bad enough, 13 years of intrusion by the STATE, backed up by their Private Paramilitary Thugs, but this lot CallmeDave, NickClog and their Cabinet of Thieving Millionaires are more Statist than Stalin.

And where is this shit going? It can’t just be for the benefit of Big Pharma, selling Drugs direct to the consumer, cut out the middle-man. Big Corporations tapping into your data at a Job interview. ” Sorry Sir, but your last Blood test and your family history points to you dieing in the next 10 years, you aren’t worth the risk.” Banksters turning you down for a home loan, Insurance companies refusing you cover “…Nah, not worth it mate your getting Cancer  before you’ve paid in enough to cover the cost of paperwork”

Smoker? Drinker? Dabble in the odd Recreational Drugs? Eat at McDonalds, Fat Boy? When the NHS is totally privatised you ain’t getting treated for any ailment, no private Health Insurance for you. Just Fuck Off and Die quietly. It’s your own fault, you made the wrong lifestyle choices.

‘however individual Patients do.’ Yeh, like that’s going to work out well. “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear” will be the mantra of the Brain Dead, ” Sorry if we can’t access your records, how can we trust you not to lie about your health?”

Well I got me a form from reception, I’ll fill it in and it’s going back tomorrow.

Go check out your own GP’s position on this Bullshit and fill in the form. The Government, give them FUCKALL.


No More Turning Away

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We all know what is MORALLY Right or Wrong. Right?

Do public servants really understand that not all of what they do on behalf of Government or Councils or Courts or ACPO is in the interests of the people? Do public servants understand that when they are enforcing Government ‘laws’ they are threatening, coercing, fining and sometimes imprisoning the very people they are meant to serve, the very people that pay their wages and pensions?

Do public servants understand that the people they think they work for, Politicians, Councillors, Court managers and Chief constables are not their employers at all? That they are enforcing a make believe system of Masters and Servants that is completely back to front. That the ‘laws’ they enforce are nothing more than the opinions of ‘fly by nights’ looking for a notion of power and control and maybe a mention in a history book sometime in the future?

Do public servants understand that when someone has their property removed ‘by law’ be it by a fine, a liability order, removal of benefit, distress warrant or imprisonment it’s not the ‘general public’ or ‘society’ that gains or benefits. It’s the banks who become the beneficiary.

Public servants need to WAKE the FUCK UP, they know what is right from wrong, they need to question everything they are commanded to do by the control freaks (psychopaths) who they think they work for.

They need to ask themselves; will ‘my’ actions cause harm to another Living Soul? Or,will my actions enrich the Government, the Council …..the Banks?


They aren’t ‘lawmakers’ they aren’t elected and yet they control the ‘policy’ of the Police. WTF? They decide where priorities lie, they demand money from the Taxpayer to fulfill their agendas, they arm their ‘enforcers’ with all the latest military hardware, looking as if they are preparing for an invasion of Poland. Do the ordinary plod never question why they need to be dressed and armed as they are? Are they in constant armed conflict with similarly armed extremists and terrorists? Or are they just promoting the FEAR we’re expected to have of the POLICE.

It’s time that public servants woke the fuck up and started to LOOK at what the consequences of their actions are doing to people. No more looking the other way, no more “I’m just doing my job”, no more just seeing out time in the hope of getting the big pension, no more ‘but it’s the law’. No more, because one-day, someday you the Public Servant, whether Policeman, council worker, court administrator, PA to the council CEO, whoever, will be in the same boat as the rest of us. You’ll be looking at that Liability Order, that Summons, that Court Order, that Demand, that threat from the Bailiffs, that knock on the door. Don’t for one minute assume that you are immune,’cause your NOT.
Come a day when you are struggling to pay a Bill, a fine, your rent, your Mortgage, the weekly food shop, the fuckers you think you work for, be it the Government, the Council, the Courts, won’t give a shit, they won’t care how loyal you’ve been how conscientious, how diligently you followed orders. You will be an “Offender”, you will owe a DEBT to society- plus costs- you will forever be on the Register of Judgements or Orders.For the Crime of being poor, being short of cash or overdrawn before pay day, for being the bad Slave who didn’t do as he was told.

“Don’t accept that what’s happening
Is just a case of others’ suffering
Or you’ll find that you’re joining in
The turning away”



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Our good friend William posted a link on the excellent ‘Captain Ranty’ blog a few days ago.

We think it deserves a wider audience, so, if you would like to pass the message on to your friends and families or post it on Farcebook or Twatter, if you use that shit, please do.

Perhaps if you know someone in a similar situation to the unfortunate people in the video you could give them something warm to wear, something to eat or the loose change from your pocket.

At the very least, if you do give them some change, you’ll know exactly where your money has gone, something you have no control over when the ‘government’ take it from you.

What with the way those idiots in Westminster are ‘running’ things right now, many more of us may be needing help from friends in the near future.