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Went to the Doctors today, annual check-up/mot after giving a sample of blood a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘sister’, lovely lady, told me that ‘my’ cholesterol levels had increased to an “unacceptable level” since the last check-up. Unacceptable to who?

Now, since the last check-up ‘they’, the Local Clinical Care Group have removed one of the prescriptions ‘they’ insisted was of great benefit to me for the last 5 (five) years, Omacor. A fish body oil capsule.

I was prescribed Omacor by one of the surgeons at one of the ‘best’ Heart/Lung specialist centres in the country, Harefield Hospital.

Apparently Omacor is not ‘cost effective’ any more!!!   Not cost effective for who?

“Oh, you can still buy it yourself if you wish to, but the Government will no longer subsidise the cost of prescribing it”

What? The Government? Subsidise?

Just take a step back there, the Government subsidise Fuck all.

We the taxpayers, of which I am one, subsidise EVERYTHING, under threat of violence.

Now this may seem trivial, but I pre-pay for my prescriptions every month so the cost of the remaining Drugs on my prescription has increased, previously 5 drugs for £12/month, now 4 drugs for £12/month.

This is just more of the Austerity Bullshit the Government are pushing. Gideon and his “We’re all in it together”, “we need to reduce the deficit”. This is nothing to do with Health, it’s to do with money pure and simple.

Doctors eh? What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? No, they’ve sold their souls for the promise of filthy Lucre, yes men willing to follow diktat. Government command, Doctors follow orders. Just like the revenue collectors police, Government command, police follow orders.

These fuckers need to start asking themselves some serious questions: Do I follow blindly whatever the Government say? Do I have a conscience? Do I know right from wrong? Would I do this Shit to people if the Government didn’t bribe me force me? Would I accept this if I was on the receiving end? Would I do this to my own Family? Is the pension I’m going to receive paid for by the Government or paid for by the people I’m shitting on?

Do I work for the Government or the people?

I think it’s time for PUBLIC SERVANTS to take a good look in the mirror.

See the one looking back at you? Without you shovelling all this SHIT and THREATS of violence the Government are impotent!


  1. Bill says:

    You are not alone…
    Natural alternatives

    We consume all three in our house with different combinations per person no ill effects whatsoever. 50 year old lady with no thyroid glands, 53 year old man just getting older, 20 year old man who is re-enamelling his teeth by diet (don’t tell the BDA)

  2. inmate000003 says:

    Bill, thanks for the links, I will have to do some serious research into ‘alternatives’ to big Pharma and the National Death Service. The GP practice said that the capsule was not cost effective,purely a cost cutting exercise, fuck all to do with health.

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