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Some of you may have seen the video that Bill sent us in a recent post, Council Tax Legal 3, we hope you have taken the time to watch it.

The maker of the video, Larken Rose, an Anarchist, a Voluntaryist ( his word) a Libertarian, has a whole Website devoted to ideas for a world without Government.

Go take a look this guy makes so much sense, particularly the way he explains many of the ways in which Government rules over us, ignores us, steals from us, and generally makes life more difficult for us.

Having had a stroll around his site we got to thinking about Voting, and also because the Voting registration form fell through the letter box this week.

So, what does it mean, voting?

Is it that your voice will be heard? Is it that the representative that you vote for will truly represent you? What if the representative you vote for doesn’t get elected, who represents you then? Is voting asking some random guy, who you probably don’t know, to do the things that you want done, and to hell with what other people want? Is it say, asking the guy you vote for to STEAL stuff from one group of  voters then to hand over that stuff to you? Is not voting a vote? Is 50% + 1 vote really a majority, what about the other 49%?

Why should you face a fine of £1000 if you fail to return the form? Does that mean that you are compelled to take part? Are you not free to decide whether you take part or not?

We’ve come to the conclusion that voting is an Illusion!

If WE as ordinary folk don’t have the right to rule or govern our neighbours, how can we give that right  to some one else.

Voting is your right to do with as you please, vote or not vote, it is not the passing on of some power to another.

Registration, WTF! If they (the council) already know that you have a right to vote, why do they need you to register that right ?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

Article 21: Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

Just where does it say that you/we must register that right ?

Personally, we have removed the name from their Register, we don’t want to be a part of their charade. We don’t want  them to presume that we give them consent. We want them to understand that we cannot give them something we don’t have, and if we cannot give them authority, they have no authority.


  1. Bill says:

    Great stuff inmate. Nail hit squarely on the head.
    Here’s something that found me, yes you read that right it found me,(synchronicity in action) earlier today. It’s full of Jesus stuff as you move through it and regardless of my aversion to religion (having read this essay I’m not convinced now that the Jesus mentioned in the essay was a guy on a mission to create a religion.) I found it very informative and worth the read.
    I’d already come to the understanding that ‘it’ is all about who claims to have jurisdiction and this essay confirms to me my understanding is correct.

  2. Bill says:

    Bugger I forgot the link!

    and the quote from the bottom of the essay!

    Food for thought:
    The world runs on the initiative of about 5% of the people; the rest need orders.
    The consensus of the other 95% on the subject of one’s relationship with: government – banks – tax agencies – courts and corporations (all separate realms) is defective in that such inert abstractions have been accorded superiority over living beings.
    Governments are transitory mental contrivances set up by the clever few for the purpose of living off the efforts of the trusting many – a generalization, yes, but also the truth.

    • inmate000003 says:


      Awesome essay, just goes to prove there is nothing new in the world.
      A friend of ours gave a presentation a couple of weeks ago on ‘Mistake, Misrepresentation and Identity’ I have been mulling it over ever since.
      This essay that ‘found you’ has made things a little clearer, for me at least.

      As you said the ‘Jesus’ mentioned in the essay didn’t in my opinion found anything resembling a religion, let alone the Churches, Cathedrals and vast wealth we see today.
      He, to me any-ways’, wanted the people to understand that what we see around us ‘Government’, ‘Authority’ and the control mechanisms used to ‘rule’ us are not reality and can be safely ignored when we understand how ‘their’ systems work.

      Thanks for the comment and the link

  3. Bill says:

    The Name by Mary

    Apologies if you have already read this.

    • inmate000003 says:


      Thanks for the link.
      I see you have posted it at the captains place.I followed the link,
      Mary looks to have change tack over the past year or so. She is now saying what many others have come to realise, that ‘their’ system cannot be beaten by ‘playing’ in ‘their’ system. What she writes now makes makes even more sense, i.e. the ‘NAME’ and the ‘name’ and that we are committing fraud if we use the ‘NAME’ as it doesn’t belong to us.
      There is much to be learned from Mary particularly understanding how to ‘write’ to correctly when we need to engage with the psychopaths who claim ‘authority’.
      BTW I have started to read ” the most dangerous superstition” by Larken Rose, I would recommend it to anyone. Apparently the book can be downloaded but I haven’t got a link at the moment.

  4. diasan says:

    Read the long title to the representation of the people act.

    It is the action of registering which is the giving of consent to be represented. Irrespective of if you vote, who you vote for, or who gets elected.

    I believe the annual collection of forms is due to the ‘law of agency’, where an agent (which you could claim a representative is a form of) stays valid for a year from being appointed.

    I also am of the opinion that the 100 quid fine really only relates to fraud in the submission of the form.

    If you don’t wish to opt out of registering, you could repeat what I once did; namely complete the form and return it unsigned. At which point one has provided the required information, and should be unfinable.
    It gets them upset, as they don’t want to handle an unsigned form, so they send them out again.

    • inmate000003 says:


      Thanks for the excellent comment. …”It gets them upset, as they don’t want to handle an unsigned form, so they send them out again.” Brilliant! anything that upsets the fuckers is right in my book.
      I just put a felt tip marker line through the name on their form the last time they sent one, this latest form hasn’t got the name on it. Job done.
      You must be living in quite a nice local area prison if they only threaten £100 fines, here in the Peoples Democratic Republic of (North Korea) Bolton they issue threats of £1000.

      • Bill says:

        A slightly younger me simply burnt the electoral roll invite when it arrived. Made no difference as the voting cards still appeared. It does seem though that one of the strengths of the local government control is the wide variety of applications of diktat across the island. This may well be its biggest weakness.

      • diasan says:

        100 quid – Typo.
        I noticed the mistake, but couldn’t see an obvious way to correct it. C’est la vie.

        As to Bill’s comment abot still getting the voting cards – I don’t.
        I fixed that a few years ago with a simple letter to the council; so the registration forms sent out have the prefilled text “No registered voters”.

        Which raises the question of if one could be an ‘unregistered voter’? Not that I necessarily wish to be such.

  5. inmate000003 says:


    Yes, shouldn’t we all be unregistered voters? We have the RIGHT to engage in the government of the country were we live. Or not. Why the fuck do we need to register? Is registration a form of consent? Do they get money if we register the NAME?
    I have been pondering these questions for some time now, I think we need answers.

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