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Went to the Doctors today, annual check-up/mot after giving a sample of blood a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘sister’, lovely lady, told me that ‘my’ cholesterol levels had increased to an “unacceptable level” since the last check-up. Unacceptable to who?

Now, since the last check-up ‘they’, the Local Clinical Care Group have removed one of the prescriptions ‘they’ insisted was of great benefit to me for the last 5 (five) years, Omacor. A fish body oil capsule.

I was prescribed Omacor by one of the surgeons at one of the ‘best’ Heart/Lung specialist centres in the country, Harefield Hospital.

Apparently Omacor is not ‘cost effective’ any more!!!   Not cost effective for who?

“Oh, you can still buy it yourself if you wish to, but the Government will no longer subsidise the cost of prescribing it”

What? The Government? Subsidise?

Just take a step back there, the Government subsidise Fuck all.

We the taxpayers, of which I am one, subsidise EVERYTHING, under threat of violence.

Now this may seem trivial, but I pre-pay for my prescriptions every month so the cost of the remaining Drugs on my prescription has increased, previously 5 drugs for £12/month, now 4 drugs for £12/month.

This is just more of the Austerity Bullshit the Government are pushing. Gideon and his “We’re all in it together”, “we need to reduce the deficit”. This is nothing to do with Health, it’s to do with money pure and simple.

Doctors eh? What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? No, they’ve sold their souls for the promise of filthy Lucre, yes men willing to follow diktat. Government command, Doctors follow orders. Just like the revenue collectors police, Government command, police follow orders.

These fuckers need to start asking themselves some serious questions: Do I follow blindly whatever the Government say? Do I have a conscience? Do I know right from wrong? Would I do this Shit to people if the Government didn’t bribe me force me? Would I accept this if I was on the receiving end? Would I do this to my own Family? Is the pension I’m going to receive paid for by the Government or paid for by the people I’m shitting on?

Do I work for the Government or the people?

I think it’s time for PUBLIC SERVANTS to take a good look in the mirror.

See the one looking back at you? Without you shovelling all this SHIT and THREATS of violence the Government are impotent!




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Some of you may have seen the video that Bill sent us in a recent post, Council Tax Legal 3, we hope you have taken the time to watch it.

The maker of the video, Larken Rose, an Anarchist, a Voluntaryist ( his word) a Libertarian, has a whole Website devoted to ideas for a world without Government.

Go take a look this guy makes so much sense, particularly the way he explains many of the ways in which Government rules over us, ignores us, steals from us, and generally makes life more difficult for us.

Having had a stroll around his site we got to thinking about Voting, and also because the Voting registration form fell through the letter box this week.

So, what does it mean, voting?

Is it that your voice will be heard? Is it that the representative that you vote for will truly represent you? What if the representative you vote for doesn’t get elected, who represents you then? Is voting asking some random guy, who you probably don’t know, to do the things that you want done, and to hell with what other people want? Is it say, asking the guy you vote for to STEAL stuff from one group of  voters then to hand over that stuff to you? Is not voting a vote? Is 50% + 1 vote really a majority, what about the other 49%?

Why should you face a fine of £1000 if you fail to return the form? Does that mean that you are compelled to take part? Are you not free to decide whether you take part or not?

We’ve come to the conclusion that voting is an Illusion!

If WE as ordinary folk don’t have the right to rule or govern our neighbours, how can we give that right  to some one else.

Voting is your right to do with as you please, vote or not vote, it is not the passing on of some power to another.

Registration, WTF! If they (the council) already know that you have a right to vote, why do they need you to register that right ?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

Article 21: Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

Just where does it say that you/we must register that right ?

Personally, we have removed the name from their Register, we don’t want to be a part of their charade. We don’t want  them to presume that we give them consent. We want them to understand that we cannot give them something we don’t have, and if we cannot give them authority, they have no authority.