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After a number of years preaching to family and friends that without YOUR consent, without answering to the name, we are safe, I fell for the old trick of answering to my name.

BANG, BANG, BANG on my front door this morning.

I jump out of bed, rush down stairs, open the door, ” yes” say I.

” Mr Prisoner” says the man.

Again… ” Yes, what d’you want” says I, bleary eyed not fully focusing on things.

” I’m a debt collector and I’ve come for the car parked outside” says the man.

Well when I say man, I mean THUG.

Quickly he flashes some laminated card in my face, says he has an order from Northampton Bulk Court to seize the vehicle and strides away to get his wheel clamp from his van.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I say to myself. If I had not answered to the name things wouldn’t have got any worse.

But I did, and things got worse. FUCK.

I run back upstairs wake my Son ( the ‘owner’ of the vehicle) get dressed and run back down stairs to find the THUG clamping the car.

I stand between the clamp and the front wheel and refuse to move. Son gets in the car.

Thug never asks if we are willing to pay to prevent distress, never shows I.D. to my Son, refuses to show any paperwork authorising him to seize the car.

Now, as an aside, my Son has been out of the country for the past 5 months so knows nothing about of any court action or warrant being issued, until Thug turns up at our door.

Son rings the POLICE, “…Thug trying to steal my car” he says.

Police duly arrive -5 mins. top-, where are they when your being burgled? But if it’s in the defence of a debt collector they’re there pronto.

No1 Bobbie speaks to Thug and checks paperwork ( we aren’t allowed to see), No2 Bobbie speaks to us, assures us that he’s only here to prevent breach of peace. We ask No2 if we can see the SIGNED COPY OF WARRANT, he says he’ll ask No1. No1 says there is a signed copy, not here mind, but we not allowed to see it. WTF.

No1 says I must move from the car or I will be charged with, get this…” obstructing an officer of the court”. WHAT!!! he’s a fucking debt collector for FUXAKE not an officer of the court at all.

Thug finishes clamping the car wheel and rings for Tow truck.

No1 Bobbie says he can’t get involved with a civil matter, again we ask to see the signed warrant, ” bailiff doesn’t have to show you” says No1.

“He’s not a bailiff he’s a debt collector” says I, ” same thing” says No1.

No2 Bobbie whispers to Son and me “… if you hadn’t answered to the name, there’s nothing debt collector could have done”,… ” I fuckin’ hate these bastards, we go to houses where people being thrown out, bailiffs don’t give a shit, horrible arrogant bastards, but we can’t get involved”

So I end up paying for Son to keep his car.

If you dear reader don’t want to hand over hard earned money to the animals at EQUITA…….


BTW, this is not over, we have most of  the matter recorded and will seek remedy of one form or another.


  1. Barry says:

    If the Plod is saying he hates those fucking thugs, then why the fuck is he letting them get away with it. HE’S A FUCKING POLICE CONSTABLE AND UNDER THE POWERS OF HIS OATH HE CAN DRAG THAT FUCKER DOWN TO THE CELLS!!!!!!!

    Never answering a name is one thing but NEVER FUCKING BACKING DOWN IS ANOTHER.


    • inmate000003 says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      I asked the same question of Plod, he says beyond his remit, only there in event of breach of peace. Also not willing to risk his pension by making a bad judgement call. The other plod assumed that the Thugs paperwork was in order, but wasn’t willing to check it for certain on our behalf. Goes to show who’s side they take… Corporations before people.

  2. Bill says:

    Let it go. You already have your remedy. Proof incarnate that the ‘name’ is everything and it is the ‘name’ they act against never the human being. Plod confirmed it for you even if the thief didn’t.
    The state has no tools or weapons as it doesn’t need them as the fear and anger inside the head is a far more effective tool or weapon that costs next to nothing to maintain and is 100% effective.

    The Romans were so successful because more often than not they only turned up to fights they had decided they were likely to win.

    Let this go. Your time is too valuable to waste it on seeking revenge for your own mistake… We all make mistakes all of the time and if make a mistake and can spend a moment or a day figuring out what the message is you were meant to get from that mistake then anger and revenge simply disappear.

    This to will pass….

  3. inmate000003 says:


    I know you are right, but I find that the thought of revenge, retribution, whatever, is, at the moment overpowering any feelings I have of just letting it go.
    There is a burning inside to reek havoc and I know that it is the conditioning of years past that tells me I have been fooled, and that fools are weak. That I am a lesser man for making the mistake, that mistakes are unacceptable.
    Perhaps writing all this down and airing it in public will help, it just doesn’t feel that way at the moment.
    Yes the name is the only tool they have, words on paper, a sound that we are conditioned to answer to, perhaps I need a nickname that friends can call me by, that I can learn only to answer to. Then I can hand ‘their’ name back and forget about it.

    • Bill says:

      I hear you friend. You are on a path that is not dissimilar to mine. You fool yourself. That has been one of the biggest revelations for me.
      Accepting you fool yourself is not an easy thing to accomplish, at least it wasn’t for me. So ingrained is the indoctrination the automatic response it triggers is ‘I have to get even no matter what the cost’ but once I began to feel (as opposed to think) that if something feels wrong then the chances are it is wrong the indoctrination that had been practised by those who know not what they do for fifty three years vanished as the morning mist does when the sun comes up.

      You are neither a lesser man for making a mistake nor a greater one for seeking revenge.
      Look at the possible outcomes and decide if they are worth you spending any more of your finite time in a state of anger and retribution. If you decide yes anger and retribution are worth it then go for it 100% and don’t let go no matter how bad things may get.
      If you decide no it’s not worth it then you really have become a better man (at least in my opinion) because you will have spotted and dealt with the number one divisive trigger the school system builds into every human being which it is given.
      This trigger needs to be constantly pushed to the front of the mind hence we get religion, nationality and a plethora of ‘things’ that don’t serve any purpose other than to put your mind one side of an imaginary divide.

      At the end of the day it is not ‘they’ as in the court peep’s the government department peep’s, the debt collector, the plod who have to make a decision here it is you.
      They will all ‘do as they have been told’ even if they become aware that what they are told to do feels wrong (as ‘plod one’ illustrated) they gain financially from doing exactly what they are told to do and they like us are indoctrinated in the exact same way to be as ignorant as we were.
      You are no longer ignorant, they still are. Ignorant people defend the indefensible because the alternative, finding out they are in fact ignorant, is far too scary for them.

      • inmate000003 says:

        Thanks for that, and yes you are right. I cannot add anything to the words you have sent, I am on a path of my own choosing and I alone must make the important decisions, I realise that the head rules, is full of the shite they have fed us with, and will take some doing to overcome. I will ponder on what you have said to try and make the correct decisions for me and my family.
        Hopefully I won’t make that same mistake any more.
        Thanks again.

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