What the F**k?

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

What the Fuck!

We go to WAR…again.

Is this shit never going to end, “…although we can never be 100% sure who used the chemical weapons” David Camoron British prime minister, today on the Broadcasting Bullshit Channel.

If we kill enough of the ‘insurgents’, ‘rebels’, ‘government troops’, Assad regime members, civilians, we will surely get the perpetrators.

FUCK IT, Kill the Fuckin’ lot of them and we’ll definitely get the Bad Guys.

Is there no end to this IDIOTS narcissism, no end to his self promoting propaganda, no end to his desire to rank along side that other War Criminal?



Anthony Charles Lynton Blair the Son of Satan, the Anti-Christ.

Camoron just doesn’t fucking get it! Yes there are bad people in Syria, on both sides, especially the side his Government has funded.But you can’t just travel the world killing any Fucker you don’t like, just because you’re the Government.

Stop it, stop it now you Cock.

How can ‘we’ be fighting Al Qaeda in one shithole, but be funding Al Qaeda in some other shithole?

And another thing DAVE, just who the FUCK is this WE, there is no WE. It’s you, you and your mates in Government, your mates in Washington, your mates in Brussels and your bezzie mates in the BANKS. Don’t for one moment consider me or mine as part of this all encompassing WE. There has been no WE since the Anti-Christ, the LapDog of Bush, the Evil One committed troops to the Massacre of the innocents in Iraq.

There will never ever be a WE that includes me again.



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