Council Tax, Illegal? 2

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Council Tax, Illegal ?

A follow up to the previous post where we learned that Council tax is applied only to Dwellings. That Dwellings are not Domestic Property, that Dwellings are Non-domestic property used for the ‘realisation of profits’.

So this week we took the argument to the court.

Friday 2nd August 2013 1:45 pm

Wigan and Leigh Courthouse

The protagonists

Wigan Council v The Angry Man

A packed court room, seven observers, numerous lawyers, court staff, the Judge and of course the obligatory Police. Three Cops in full battle dress, Tazers, truncheons, pepper sprays and handcuffs.

Proceedings opened with the Council Tax Enforcement officer swearing on the Bible not to tell lies, but, unfortunately no sooner had she opened her mouth she started to lie.

The Enforcement officer claimed that the Council gained the Authority to ‘force’ payment via the Local Government Finance act 1992. She told the court that  the Angry Man owed £700 + costs. She claimed that payment had not been received since April 2013, that the Council had applied for a Summons to court for the Angry Man and that they wished for the Judge to  issue a Liability Order against the Angry Man.

Three lies in her first breath, the Angry Man owes nothing, the Council issued the summons and if  the Angry Man had not told the court that he wished to appear in court, the council would have issued the Liability Order.

It then got very interesting. The Judge asked the Enforcement officer if the Angry Man lives in a Dwelling and if so could she describe what type of Dwelling he lives in.

Well, Fuck me gently, the Enforcement officer began to shuffle her papers, change her weight from left to right, look around at her fellow council officers for support but none was forth coming. Ooops!

Again the Judge asked; “Can you please tell the court if this man lives in a Dwelling?” “Can you please describe a Dwelling to the court?”

” This man has provided the court with his response to your claim, a  thirteen page defence” said the Judge.

“Err….. but he lives in a Band A house” muttered the Enforcement officer.

“Yes, you’ve told the court this already, now can you please tell the court if this man lives in a Dwelling” said the Judge a little more forcefully.

More shuffling of paper then.


The Judge then asked the Angry Man if he would explain his reasons for not ‘paying’ council tax. The Angry Man then explained that the council claim that the Local Government Finance Act 1992 gives them authority to demand money from people who live in Dwellings but,    ” I do not live in a Dwelling, so I should not ‘pay’ anything” and ” I have given my response paperwork to the council two months ago but they have failed to reply, as they fail to reply to every question put to them for the past two YEARS”

The Enforcement officer then lied again, saying ” We have not had his paperwork, then man who received it has now left the council, we have not got the response”

Lies, Damned Lies!

The Judge then offers his copy of the Angry Man’s response for the officers to look over, and adjourned the court to give them time to understand the Law that they ENFORCE !!!

What follows is some rather panicked too-ing and fro-ing, hushed phone calls, frequent trips to the Ladies, scratching of heads, FFS these idiots are supposed to know the Law.


We all file back into court, this time without Plod. Don’t ask, we don’t know why. The Enforcement officer then pleads for an Adjournment,

   JESUS WEPT the Judge granted one.

No, No, No these Bullies have had the chance to understand the 1992 Act for twenty one (21) years. They are paid huge sums of our money, they steal property, they force people from their homes, they imprison “debtors” and they drive the more vulnerable to take their own lives. They should have been made to answer right there and then.


So, now we wait till September for further lies and obfuscation, further muttering and shuffling, but, maybe we will get the truth concerning Council Tax.

We’ll keep you informed.


  1. fausty says:

    Well done, inmate. I hope you tell the UK Column about this because they might be very interested in helping you.


    • inmate000003 says:


      Thanks for the comment sorry I am late getting back to you.We have some good friends at the UKcolumn they are watching with interest.
      We believe that the Council tax scam will be coming to an end soon

  2. The Equalizer says:

    Cannot wait to hear how they(parasites)try and squirm out of this one, though if they are as corrupt as “Bolton Council PLC”, they will most likely employ some dirty tactics.

    Also, what is it with the POLICY ENFORCEMENT SQUAD turning up at court these days dressed like they’re about to invade Poland? What are they thinking they are there for? To dish out their own form of ‘Justice’ maybe!?

    Note to Police: Fuck Off.

    Btw have a look at this linky Gazz posted up on Ranty man’s site…..

    Just about sums it all up really…

  3. Gazz says:

    Hello inmate000003 –

    Might I ask if you are familiar with the work of ‘El Spaniardo’ and what your views are regarding this video of his?

    Great work btw – keep it up 🙂

    • inmate000003 says:

      Hi Gazz

      Yes I am familiar with the Spaniards work, he’s a legend. With regards to the video I’m not sure the 1888 Act he talks about can be applied the way he says. I could be wrong,but, I think the act refers to the duties such as road cleaning, road building and maintenance, street lighting, removing waste etc. All the things we expect from the council, things that were, in the past, the liabilities of the inhabitants or contracts organised by local communities.
      But having said that it could be a lot of fun telling one of the Drones within the council that you wish them to take over the paying of your mortgage/rent, credit cards, food bill.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • Bill says:

        With regards to the duties and liabilities referred to in the !888 Act. My take is IF they referred to your logical explanation then surely there would be no need for that section of the act to remain in force and the council when asked could simply say oh well it’s the street cleaning and lights etc instead they clam up and run to the ‘legal question defence’.
        As ever with these poor deluded ignoramuses their actions speak louder than their words.
        There is much more to the wording of the 1888 Act than meets the eye and whatever it is there are people in council who know what that meaning is.
        Never forget an act is just words on paper. It’s people who do things to people even if they hide behind the words on paper…

      • inmate000003 says:

        Thanks for the comment. As I said earlier “I could be wrong”, I have not put that particular question to Bolton Council YET, but, when I have an understanding of that 1888 act I will.

        Fully agree ‘they’ use the ‘legal question defence’ whenever anything that is not on their computer screen is asked of them. It is a simple way of slowing us and distracting us from getting the answers we require. Agreed, there are people in the councils who know exactly what is going on, these are the ‘ones’ we need to question. Whenever I have asked to speak to a cabinet member of the council I get the same old reply “they do not speak to or answer to members of the public” WTF!

        “Never forget an act is just words on paper. It’s people who do things to people even if they hide behind the words on paper…” Nice, I like that quote, I may borrow it if you don’t mind.

  4. […] Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized 5 […]

  5. Fantastic. Will reblog.
    I can’t wait to hear the outcome of this one. Been dealing with Council Tax myself.
    Would Love to be able to come and observe proceedings.
    Please let us know as soon as possible. 1.9 million of the very poorest face Council Tax this year, so really would like to know the outcome.
    All the very Best……
    Sending you Love from Cornwall.

    • inmate000003 says:

      Michelle thanks for the comment.

      Councils really do not care where or from whom they get ‘their’ money just so long as they get it. It appears that the majority of ‘their’ money (52%) comes from Central Government, to pay for the services we expect. The remainder (48%) is forced from the Inhabitants residing in the Local Authority Area. This 48% is used to pay the extortionate wages and pensions of ‘The Cabinet’of the council, junkets around the globe on fact finding missions and personal ‘agendas’ of the cabinet and councillors. And of course the ultimate system of control AGENDA 21. Take a look at this, ok it’s from the US and A, but this EVIL is being rolled out across all the signatory countries: Frightening.

  6. Reblogged this on michellekent1 and commented:
    What Exactly is a ‘Dwelling’?? Maybe We will Get To Find Out in September!!

  7. michael says:

    You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the internet to the issue and discovered most individuals goes along with together with your website.

  8. Snape993 says:

    When in sept is it? Awesome by the way 🙂

    • inmate000003 says:


      Sorry I am late getting back to you.
      The hearing takes place at 1:45 pm 13th Sept. Wigan Courthouse.
      So hopefully by 5:00 pm we will have the right result, but we may get “…not in the public interest”, it depends on the Judge, whether he has the balls to allow the truth to see the light of day.

      • Master David says:

        Many thanks for your good work inmate 000003, I like many others have challenged the Local council on the legality of council tax, I have been sentenced to 90 days in prison suspended if I pay up all that they claim I owe since I started to question the legitimacy of it 3 years ago, I have wrote quite a bit about what I have done on my website,
        I am looking forward to your update and I hope it all goes well for you on Friday 13th, (Hope you are not superstitious) if you win then you will have set a precedent that we can all use. Good luck and thanks for all the information and explanations. Regards, Dave.

      • inmate000003 says:

        Master David

        Many thanks for the comment.
        Wow, 90 days, is that the cost of questioning a council nowadays. I would say that the Prison option they have chosen for you is a Political decision, yes you will lose your freedom but the cost to the Council/Government by way of Taxation on the people must surely outweigh the amount you owe. I truly hope you can resolve your situation before they lock you up.
        I will check out your website after this weekend, no I am not superstitious, Haha, Thanks for the good luck wishes, I am sure the Angry Man will appreciate them.

  9. Snape993 says:

    Good luck for today. Hope everything goes well.

  10. Master David says:

    Hi inmate000003, how did the proceedings go last Friday 13th? did they (the courts and council) do the usual and twist all the information and meaning of law or did you succeed in your argument that the council tax does NOT apply to domestic property? Love to hear the outcome as I am still involved in a challenge with my lot.
    Regards, Dave.

    • inmate000003 says:

      Master David

      I have been away all weekend and have not had the report back from the Lads and Girls who attended the hearing. I will do a full post when I have spoken to the Angry Man and others.

  11. Gummy says:

    I’d like to hear from angryman if possible, as I’m from the same general area and fighting this myself. I’m taking a different route though and we could have info to help each other.

  12. Afternoon.
    I too am following this with interest as I have been campaigning for months on the issue. In particular for those people that did not have any Council Tax Liability last year>
    Would be very grateful for a update.

    • inmate000003 says:

      We have posted an update, not the result that we hoped for but this is not the end,but the latest stage. The Angry Man is working on an appeal to the High Court, so more research needed. Thanks for the comment.

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