Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Recently I was asked if I had seen a TeeVee program about Britain’s glorious past.

No not the part where we  takeover of someone else’s country, raping and pillaging  not only the people but the mineral and natural wealth of  ‘third world’  Blacks, Wogs and Sand Niggers. No, it wasn’t “that” glorious past it was a little closer to home.


I watched the TeeVee program, it was all about some celebrities who were researching their ancestors pasts.

“Like that bollox “who do you think you are”  where Jeremy Clarkson finds that his Great, great Grandad used to own Doncaster”? “Or some  brain dead ‘game show’ host finds out that he’s a direct descendant of  William the Conqueror  and now thinks HE should be the KING of England”?

NO, it was about the Poor and I mean POOR. These Poor Fuckers where classed as Criminals for being POOR. They hadn’t committed crimes like theft or murder, nooooo they were POOR and that was a crime. A crime against who? It didn’t say.

Perhaps it was a crime against the STATE, most of today’s crime is.

To say I found the program fascinating would be an understatement. I could not believe that ‘ordinary’ British people were treated in such a disgusting way. Or that the Government of the day could and would look upon their own people as less than animals. That if these POOR Fuckers couldn’t work for reasons such as disability they were ‘classed’ as MALINGERERS or eventually sent to live out their days in Mental Asylums. FFS!!!!

Well there was one POOR soul, died in the workhouse he did, whose family were too POOR to pay for a funeral, I suspect there were many in the same predicament, so the family had to leave his body. Then it would be down to the workhouse ‘authority’ to decide what to do with it, the body that is.

Well they sell/give the body to the local Hospital, where the young medical students get to hack it to bits ‘for research purposes’. Now I’ve no problem with using cadavers for research as long as the family of the deceased agree to the use of it. But these Fuckers just PRESUMED that they could use the body, after all, … the cunts a criminal or insane isn’t he, just repaying his debt to the STATE so he is.

Fucking Unbelievable.

Of course we don’t treat our CITIZENS like that any more, ‘course we don’t, do we?

Turns out we do,FUXAKE. Those idiots who pretend to ‘Govern’ Wales have turned back the clock to Victorian times. Your vital organs are no longer YOURS, the state will now be harvesting YOUR organs to sell/give to the  highest bidder  most needy, unless of course you sign up to a register of non-doners. Fuck you, Fuck the wishes of your family.

And we know how good the government are at keeping data safe.

” sorry Mrs. Smith we lost the register, nothing we can do now, ….here we’ve left you his feet you can bury them. Oh and those luvly shoes, the minister for health would like to pass on his thanks”

Are we really better off, a better society now than our Grandparents were?…..Don’t think so.

Seems Mr. Ian Druncan Sith, Mr. Jezza Hunt and the like, look on us as being no better than those POOR WRETCHES in the Workhouse. What with their ATOS examinations to prove your NOT fit to work, Fuck what your doctor says, “your getting fuck all out the Government”  well it is the governments money, isn’t it? Course it is.



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