Everybody knows

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Or at least Everybody needs to know.

When asked; are Inhabitants obliged to pay for Agenda 21 initiatives. Initiatives resulting from the ‘Rio 1992’ Earth Summit, where attending nation ‘heads’ agreed to cut down on the use of Fossil fuels, to ‘Re-cycle’ waste, to save the planet from ‘useless eaters, to commit to more earth friendly energy (windfarms/solar), e.g. Sustainable Development?

 The ‘Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA), in answer to a FOI request confirmed that all charges for Sustainable Development, Environmental and Social charges, Green/Carbon Taxes etc. are PURELY VOLUNTARY.


Oxford English Dictionary


1.done, given, or acting of one’s own free will: we are funded by voluntary contributions.

Blacks Law Dictionary 8th

voluntary,adj.1. Done by design or intention <voluntary act>.2. Unconstrained by
interference; not impelled by outside influence <voluntary statement>.3. Without valuable
consideration; gratuitous <voluntary gift>.

So, if a department of Government (DEFRA) confirms that contributions to Sustainable Development (SD) are Voluntary, and may/must not be imposed, why are we not told this by Councils, Energy companies or Utility companies?

 If you pay Energy/Utility ‘bills’ by direct debit they will automatically charge you for SD, if you cancel the direct debit and pay  ‘bills’ by another means, you can, quite lawfully/legally stop paying for SD . Of course if you believe in SD you can volunteer to pay for it, the choice is yours, as it should be.

To work out how much you pay, and how  to not pay, if you don’t wish to. Go and read the words of a rather wise chap;


If you pay Council Tax (CT) then stopping paying for SD is a little more difficult. Councils are loathe to tell how much, as a percentage, of CT is for SD. Despite numerous FOI requests, questions to Councillors and the Local area Guvnor, we, prisoners, are yet to receive an answer. This could be that they, the council, do not know exactly how much of your money they are spending on SD or it could be they just don’t want us to know.

Now, if they don’t want us to know, the question must be, why the Fuck not?



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