The Guvnors

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Your Prison Guvnors’

President Jose Manuel Barroso

Former Moaist, now Fascist,democratically not-elected, non-removable, former prime-minister of Portugal (wonder why former?)


President Herman Von Rumpoy

Democratically not-elected, non-removable, former prime-minister of Belgium (wonder why former?) likes to write Haiku whatever that is.

Both of these Guys along with a few other democratically not-elected arse’oles are responsible for 80% of all the Laws passed by parliament every fucking year on the open prison that is H.M.P. England.

The Regional Guvnor

David Camoron

Democratically not-elected? removable possibly, former Eton, Oxford PPE, Spad, parachutee, Elitist, responsible for up to 20% of all the Laws passed by Parliament every fucking year on the open prison that is H.M.P. England.

My Local Area Guvnor

Shorn ‘arriss

Chief Executive Bolton Council, democratically not-elected, non-removable, former spin doctor, payed more than the regional guvnor, answerable to no-one, repeatedly passes responsibility of former council duties to ‘private companies’, responsible for enforcing the Laws passed by Parliament every fucking year on the local area open prison of H.M.P. England.

Just how many Guvnors do we need?

Now bear in mind we are paying huge amounts of time and energy to keep these people in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to, not only do we pay their wages, we fully pay for their Pensions. Non of the above are contracted into contributory pension schemes.

For instance the local area Guvnor gets £30,000 per year put into his pension by the good  people of Bolton, thus guaranteeing a pension, at his retirement, that you or I could only dream of.

I this what a democracy gives us,Guvnors that we didn’t elect, that we can’t remove, that are not answerable to us?

Guvnors whose sole purpose seems, to me at least, is to demand ‘money’ from us, under threat of imprisonment, to do with as they wish. Whether that be forcing inhabitants of the ‘Borough’ to pay for Sustainable Development initiatives, which by the way are purely VOLUNTARY. Forced to pay for executive board members pensions. Forced to contribute to the ‘profits’ of ‘Private Corporations’. Forced to pay fines issued by ‘Private Corporations’. Forced to ‘Recycle’ household waste and, forced to keep that waste for two weeks before collection. Forced to drive on roads within the Borough that have not been properly repaired for years. Forced to pay for the upkeep of empty properties, some owned by councillors, for years.

Or running around the world forcing their will on peoples to change their regimes either with the threat of death from the Military, or the threat of starvation through sanctions, or permanent Debt Bondage to Usurious Loans.

Inmate 000003


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