Are we in Prison or are we Free?

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

So are we in PRISON or are we FREE?

Well, in prison, bound by four high walls and barbed wire, we could say that we have lost our freedom. We have lost our liberty to travel. We have lost our choice to eat whatever/whenever we want to eat, smoke whatever/ whenever/ wherever we want, drink whatever/wherever we want. We have lost the right to wander without being watched/monitored. Forced to work for little or no pay in a job we didn’t choose. Forced to obey the rules of the prison otherwise benefits will be stopped. Forced to identify ourselves whenever the authorities demand. And, if the authorities demand, to hand over the money you may have earned

And yes you might say that’s how it should be in PRISON, if you have broken the LAW by harming another Man or Woman, and you’d be fucking right. And you might say that prisoners should NOT get benefits like TeeVee, Xbox, newspapers and magazines and they should definitely NOT be allowed to vote.

And you’d be fucking right.

So right in fact that no-one should be subject to the above unless they ‘are’ in PRISON.


 Thought so.

If you are reading this then you are probably not behind high walls with barbed wire,so


Inmate 000003


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